Jordons taste success against high-flying Whitburn

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WHITBURN suffered a surprise defeat against a resurgent Jordons A side in Division One of the Westoe Removals Sunderland Snooker League.

Kev Cunningham led the way for Jordons when he secured the first frame against Paul Garvin.

A tremendous performance from Jason Cunningham, scoring with a series of decent breaks, including a 25, saw him win the second 77-30 and then Chris Grimmer took the third for a 3-0 lead.

John Smith responded with a 45 break to beat Graham Abbott in the fourth, and Garvin joined Derek White in winning the pairs to restrict the score to a 3-2 defeat for Whitburn.

Washington Snooker A joined Whitburn at the top of the league after a fine 5-0 win over Glendale.

Marc Farnsworth joined Phil Freeman on the highest break list with a 78 against Glendale.

Paul Kirsop won 65-21, Stephen Thompson won 61-37 and Norman Leslie won 48-19 as Washington collected all the singles.

Farnsworth, with a 60 break, joined Leslie in winning the pairs.

Mill View B lost the first two frames when they faced Green Baize.

John Spruce and Craig Kane had a mixed frame before Spruce took the black to pull one back.

Steve Chandler looked in trouble when facing Jeff Burn, and fell behind as Burn had a 36 break to build a lead.

An attack on the last four colours saw Chandler pull off an amazing escape to win 53-46.

The pairs is best forgotten by Mill View as Kane and Burn dominated for the Baize to win the match 3-2.

Washington Snooker B took the first three frames against Seaham Knack, with Graham Rutland contributing with a 41 break.

Gary Stockton responded to pull one back when he defeated Gary Bell, who had his revenge when he joined Mark Bekk in winning the pairs for a 4-1 result.

Steels took all the singles against Mill View A before John Burnell and Kevin Alderson took the pairs to rescue a point.

Jordons B lost the first two frames against Pennywell Comrades, but fought back with Dan Elliot and Wayne Forman taking the next two frames.

The deciding fifth frame went to Pennywell, with Dean Taylor and Stephen O’Wellen being the victors.

Avenue and Biddick A shared the singles before the Avenue claimed the overall 3-2 victory by winning the pairs

A match between Lumley B and Washington C saw both teams finish among the top three in the Second Division of the Westoe Removals Sunderland Snooker League.

Brian Meuse and Richard Tiffin gave Lumley a great start before Roff Hoque had a 21 break in winning the third for Washington.

Bryan Jeffrey levelled and he joined Billy Bell in winning the pairs and complete the recovery as Washington won 3-2.

Farringdon, now playing as a single entrant, are sure to be a force in this division and with Ian Stewart and Tom Feenan in fine form, took Farringdon in to a 2-0 lead against St Gabriel’s.

Ken Rackstraw won 50-43 against Colin Wrathmall to stop the run before Tony Hazard restored the lead in the fourth.

Hagel and Rackstraw then won the pairs 43-16, to make it 4-1 to Farringdon.

Ray James, of the Victory, faced Michael Monaghan, of Seaham Cons, and took the frame 46-36.

Robert Cougle equalised before Les Pinder, aided by a 22 break, took the third. John Butler won a tight fourth 58-49 to level again before Campbell and Burnikell gave the Victory a 3-2 result.

Railway took the first two frames against Murton Vic, thanks to Joe Beston and Gary Turner, but Eddie Williamson pulled one back.

Stephen Cook lost the fourth, but redeemed himself by having a colour clearance in winning in the pairs.

Murton Officials took the first and last two frames against Cheema, with Anth Longstaff being the only winner, as Murton won 4-1.

George Clark, of Pennywell Coms C, included a 21 break as he took control of the first frame against Lumley A.

Paul Stoves responded for Lumley in the second before Brain Parkin restored the lead in the third.

It went to a decider with Joe Nord taking the fourth and he teamed up with Stoves to win the pairs and a 3-2 win for Lumley.

Week 6 Results: Division One: Glendale 0 Washington Snooker A 5, Steels A 4 Mill View A 1, Avenue 3 Biddick A 2, Jordons B 2 Pennywell Comrades A 3, Washington Snooker B 4 Seaham Knack 1, Mill View B 2 Green Baize 3, Whitburn 2 Jordons A 3. Division Two: Pennywell Comrades C 2 Lumley A 3, Victory 2 Seaham Cons 3, Murton Vic 2 Railway 3, St Gabriel’s 1 Farringdon B 4, Lumley B 2 Washington Snooker C 3, Murton Officials 4 Cheema A 1.

Division One

P W D Pts

W’ton Snkr A 6 4 2 23

Whitburn 6 4 2 23

W’ton Snkr B 6 4 2 21

Green Baize 5 5 0 19

Biddick A 6 4 2 17

Steels 6 3 3 14

Glendale 5 2 3 13

Mill View 6 2 4 12

Jordons B 6 2 4 10

Mill View B 6 2 4 10

The Avenue 6 5 1 9

Jordons A 6 1 5 8

P’well Coms A 6 2 4 8

Seaham Knack 6 0 6 7

Division Two

W’ton Snkr C 6 5 1 22

Farringdon 6 5 1 20

Lumley B 6 4 2 19

Seaham Cons 6 4 2 18

Lumley A 5 3 2 16

Murton Officials 6 3 3 16

Biddick B 5 3 2 15

P’well Coms C 6 2 4 15

Cheema 6 3 3 12

Murton Vic 5 2 3 11

Railway 6 2 4 11

Victory 6 2 4 9

St Gabriel’s 5 1 4 7

Jordons C 4 0 4 2