Jonh Wiseman rings true to help Glendale to victory

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GLENDALE visited Washington Snooker B in the second division of the Westoe Removals Sunderland Snooker League and had a terrific 4-1 result.

A very tight first frame between Gordon Dixon and Craig Bell was won by the away player 69-63 followed by Frank McParlin winning 77-62 in the second.

Overall victory was ensured as John Wiseman beat Gary Bell 57-54 in the third.

A 25 break by Alex Hannan stemmed the tide in the fourth before Danby and Bell took the pairs for Glendale.

Cheemas C increased their advantage with a 5-0 win against the Railway with Mark Farnsworth having a 55 break in the first frame.

Steve Thompson won a tight second frame 54-56 before Cheemas won the last three in convincing fashion.

Farringdon B lost the first frame against the Victory with Alan Hough the victor before Colin Wrathmall, Dave Robinson and Stephen Scott took the next three for Farringdon.

Wrathmall and Robinson won a tight pairs frame 50-48 against the Burnikell brothers.

Rivalry between Cheemas A and B teams saw the singles being shared before the pairs went to the A team to win 3-2.

Pennywell Comrades C had a 4-1 against St Gabriel’s after Michael Burnikell gave them a start after winning the first 68-64 against Steve Hagel.

Bill Longley won the third for St Gabriel’s before a tight 74-66 frame went to Brian Parkin of Pennywell. Burnikell and McDermott won the pairs 50-28 for Pennywell. Jimmy Ashcroft won the first frame for Murton Officials before Tony Lyons and Brian McDonald took the next two for Washington Union. It was a false dawn as Boyd Banks levelled in the next singles and twinned with Ashcroft in winning the pairs.

Seaham Cons had a 3-2 defeat against Washington Snooker C sharing the singles before losing the pairs to Collins and Bell.

Biddick B won 3-2 against Murton Vic.

It will take a monumental effort by the chasing teams to move Whitburn from the top of Division One as they increased their lead with a 5-1 win against Farringdon.

Dereck White had a 54 break in the first to set Whitburn on the way before Stephen Burdis and Paul Garvin had comprehensive victories in the next two singles.

Ian Stewart and Phil Freeman had a good tussle before Freeman won 66-42 and Garvin and Burdis won a close pairs against Feenan and McLoughlin.

Seaham Knack started well against Hylton by winning the first frame before Norman Leslie had a 40 break in winning the second. Bob Boyce won the third and Kevin Harrop had a 31 break in the fourth.

The overall 4-1 went to Hylton as Boyce and Leslie won the pairs.

Mill View B hit form with a 4-1 win against Pennywell Comrades B with Norman Brown at his best in beating Dean Taylor in the first frame.

Stu Coffee started the second in brilliant style before Steve Chandler responded with a gritty response to take the frame. John Spruce had a 73-23 win in the fourth before Stuart Taylor battled well in winning the fourth for Pennywell. Bate and Spruce combined well in winning the pairs for Mill View.

Biddick A had a surprising 5-0 result against Pennywell Comrades A, who are normally difficult to beat at home. Mick Riley won the first 51-18, Dave Adamson won 53-18 in the second, Graham Smith 56-25 in the third and Rod Turnbull 76-18 in the fourth. A tighter pairs eventually went 47-39 to Riley and Froud.

Green Baize and Steels were involved in a fine game, with the first frame seeing Peter Dambrosie having a 29 break and losing as Adam Smith fought back to win with a 27 clearance.

Kevin Brown levelled in the second and the Baize went ahead as Craig Kane won the third. Chris Cowie won 64-52 in the fourth before Dambrosie and Kane won the pairs for a 3-2 win to Green Baize.

Woodside A beat their B team 3-2 after winning the singles 3-1.

Hylton B won the first frame before Washington A responded by taking the last four. Avenue beat Mill View A 3-2 in some close finishes.

Division One: Woodside A 3 Woodside B 2; Farringdon A 0 Whitburn 5; Seaham Knack 1 Hylton A 4; Pennywell Comrades A 0 Biddick A 5; Avenue 3 Mill View A 2; Hylton B 1 Washington Snooker A 4’ Green Baize 3 Steels A 2; Mill View B 4 Pennywell Comrades B 1.

Divsion Two: Cheemas A 3 Cheemas B 2; Pennywell Comrades C 4 St Gabriels 1; Murton Officials 3 Washington Union 2; Washington Snooker B 1 Glendale 4; Cheemas C 5 Railway 0; Victory 1 Farringdon B 4; Biddick B 3 Murton Vic 2; Seaham Cons 2 Washington Snooker 3.