Hylton blow Mill View B away to clinch summer title

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HYLTON secured the Danby Auto Sunderland Snooker Summer League title after brushing Mill View B aside to win 3-0.

The main interest was created as Hylton had players off scratch playing in the first division, and Mill View had players on a small handicap advantage.

The challenge for Mill View, who had been promoted to the first division after winning the second division of the Winter League, was the suspected differential in quality between the two divisions.

It proved to be a bridge too far, as Hylton played superb snooker on the tight Cheema table leaving Mill View chasing shadows.

It was Hylton’s title after proving worthy winners with a 3-0 success.

The first frame had Mark Fox against Lee Dixon, and it was an assured Fox who soon cleared the 10 handicap start and build a 34-12 lead.

Dixon was not finding the table friendly and was missing normal pots allied to poor positioning.

Fox was always in control, and a fluked blue helped him to score a break making him 51-23 ahead with only 25 on the table.

Fox moved in for the kill and a 22 clearance put Hylton one up.

A very interesting frame followed with the tactical aware Aidan Daniels playing a prolific potter in Bob Boyce.

It was a careful start by both players, with Daniel guarding his 10 start, but after a miss cue by Boyce he responded with an 18 break.

Daniel replied with a good blue and found good position on the pink.

Boyce took a small 29-28 lead before a period of clever safety play from both players, left little chance of either player increasing the score.

The first opening fell to Boyce and he grabbed the opportunity to go 49-29 ahead.

It was still an enthralling frame with difficulties in projecting the winner, as both players were capable of taking any loose balls.

Daniel was playing excellent safety and snookers that eventually led to the score being reduced, and Boyce was only 17 ahead with 18 on the table.

A good clearance by Boyce claimed the frame and Hylton into a 2-0 lead.

The third frame was the Graham Ablett show as he played some immaculate snooker, rarely missing a shot.

John Spence, with a 10 handicap start, could only sit and admire as Ablett contrived a well controlled break of 39.

Spence kept his cool, but a missed black left an opening that saw Ablett build his lead to 46-17.

It was still a composed Ablett showing the way, and he finished with aplomb taking the green, brown and blue to eventually win 75-29 and steer Hylton into a comfortable victory.

Kevin Harrop was delighted with Hylton’s performance, albeit he did not get a game as the pairs frame was not needed.

H At the Annual General Meeting of the league, held at the Victory Club, the following Committee was elected: Chairman: Michael Monaghan (Seaham Conservatives) and Secretary Vince Flynn (The Railway).

Committee Men are Ray Charlton (Steels Club) and Ken Rackstraw (St Gabriels’).

Sid Bate, of Mill View, has decided to retire from the Committee, so the position of Fixture Secretary was filled by Graham Rutland (Hylton Social).

H Clubs are reminded that the next monthly meeting will be held at the Victory Club on Thursday, September, 4, when the new fixtures will be available for the Winter Season, starting week commencing September 15.