Humphreys suffers bad luck as puncture ends race

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HOUGHTON CC’s Chris Ranson, Matt Webb and Colin Humphreys were out in force at the Croft Motor Circuit for the start of the Velo29 Circuit Racing Season.

Humphreys, new to the racing scene, rode as a fourth cat rider in the Go race where he completed three laps and was in the lead group and going well, when a punctured forced him to retire.

Ranson also had bad luck and punctured on the first lap.

Matt Webb endured the race for 40 minutes and when the wind and rain became ferocious, he decided to retire.

On Sunday, the last race in the CXNE Rat Race Series was held at Caedmon School Grounds, Whitby.

Houghton CC were represented by Paul Whitehill, Paul Robson, Ian Jobling, Peter Reed and David Stevens, where the weather was atrocious.

Whitehill, Robson, Jobling and Reed were riding the first challenging event, the Vets/Juniors/Women.

All the HCC riders finished the event, which was an achievement in itself with regards to the weather.

Paul Whitehill was followed by Paul Robson, Ian Jobling and Peter Reed.

Antony Glover (Derwentside CC), followed by club-mate, Dave Hopper and then James Edmond, a junior rider from Ferryhill Wheelers led the way from the start.

In the Ladies catergory, Karen Robertson (One-Life Racing) won by 17 seconds, followed closely by Pamela Glover (Derwentside CC), and Louise Hamilton (Teeside CRC).

Results: 1 Antony Glover (Derwentside CC), 2 Dave Hopper (Derwentside CC), 3 James Edmond (Ferryhill Wheelers CC), 19 Paul Whitehill (Houghton CC), 28 Paul Robson (Houghton CC), 34 Ian Jobling (Houghton CC), 44 Peter Reed (Houghton CC)

Ladies: 1 Karen Robertson (One Life Racing), 2 Pamela Glover (Derwentside CC), 3 Louise Hamilton (Teesdale CRC)

In the Junior event, Joe Howard (Marton RT) led the field, followed by Fin Robertson (Derwentside CC) and Feargus Scherczer (Derwentside CC), third.

Best girl rider was Rhianna Stovers (Derwentside CC).

Results: 1 Joe Howard (Marton RT), 22 Fin Robertson (Derwentside CC), 3 Feargus Scherczer (Derwent CC)

Girls: 1 Rhianna Stoves (Derwentside CC), 2 Anna Kay (Hetton Hawks), 3 Sophie Enever (Tyneside Vagabonds)

In last week’s Senior race, Keith Murray (Scott Synchros/Pioneer) beat Adam Martin (Nights of Old) by 16 seconds.

However, this week, Martin got his revenge and beat Murray by over two minutes.

Third was Alan Nixon (Blackhawk Bikes), with Houghton’s Stevens finishing in 21st.

Martin has had a great season and is competing in the World Cyclox Championships in Holland next weekend.

Results: 1 Adam Martin (Knights of Old) 1.04.02, 2 Keith Murray (Scott –Synchros/Pioneer) 1.07.47, 3 Alan Nixon (Blackhawk Bikes) 1.07.47, 21 David Stevens (Houghton CC) 1.06.25

The overall winners of this series with their best eight rides were: Seniors: 1 Stuart Wearmouth (MTS Cycle Sport) 1599 points, 2 Alan Nixon (Blackhawk Bikes) 1587 points, 3 Colin Ash (Blackhawk Bikes) 1584 points, 14 Matt Webb (Houghton CC) 1487 points, 18 David Stevens (Houghton CC) 1458 points.

Vets/Junior/Women: 1 James Edmond (Ferryhill Wheelers, Junior) 1593 points, 2 Tony Glover (Derwent Side, Vet 40) 1592 points, 3 Kenny Johnson (Pioneer Scott Syncros, Vet 40) 1590 points, 34 Paul Whitehill (Houghton CC, Vet 40) 1388 points, 43 Paul Robson (Houghton CC, Vet 50) 1281 point, 80 Peter Reed (Houghton CC, Vet 60) 831 points