Humphey sprint power seals thrilling success

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COLIN Humphrey scored a second successive win in the Elite/first/second/third category Gateshead College Series, staged by Houghton CC at the Samsi (Nissan) track.

The bunch broke up in the second lap, with Humphrey, Will Brown and Ryan Davies breaking away and staying clear until the final sprint.

The rest of the field fragmented into three groups with several falling off the back. Humphrey sprinted for the victory ahead of Achieve-Skinnergate Racing team-mate Will Brown, while Chris Ranson of Houghton CC came home with the rest of the field.

Result: 1 Colin Humphrey (Achieve-Skinnergate Racing); 2 Will Brown (Achieve-Skinnergate Racing); 3 Ryan Davis (Starley Primal); 4 Craig Anderson (Achieve-Skinnergate Racing); 5 Jack Rees (Achieve-Skinnergate Racing); 6 Andrew Scorey (Berwick Wheelers); 7 Stuart Balfour (Spokes RT); 8 Daniel Smith (TS Racing Team); 9 Ian Taylor (;

10 Chris Mather (M Steel CRT).

* Adam McManus won the one-hour third/fourth category Regional B race, the 21-year-old Manilla Cycling rider taking the bunch sprint from Jon Caisley and Richie Allen.

Result: 1 Adam McManus (Manilla Cycling); 2 Jonathan Caisley (Northumbria Police); 3 Richie Allen (Marton Racing); 4 Ryan Pugh (Manilla Cycling); 5 David Williams (Cleveland Wheelers); 6 Chris Mather (M Steel Cycle Racing); 7 Joshua Reid (Gosforth RC); 8 Ian Hesler (Ferryhill Wheelers); 9 Terence Wilkinson (Barnesbury CC); 10 Jon Chambers (Chevin

* Greg Baird ( triumphed in the opening fourth category Regional C race, winning the bunch sprint from Berwick Wheelers’ Doug Slater. Five Houghton CC riders took part, all trying to make breaks. David Ranson and Colin Humphrey, showing his great improvements in his first season of circuit racing, worked well in the pack, and were placed sixth and ninth.

Result: 1 Greig Baird (; 2 Doug Slater (Berwick Wheelers CC); 3 Richard Danks (Manilla Cycling); 4 Robert Murdoch (Teesdale CRC); 5 Ian Creek (Manilla Cycling); 6 David Ranson (Houghton CC); 7 Brian Johnson (Barnesbury CC); 8 Jon Moran (Manilla Cycling); 9 Colin Humphrey (Houghton CC); 10 Stephen Underhill (Hawick CC).

* Houghton CC had Mark Harrison (21min 7sec) third in Barmesbury CC’s 10-mile time trial, won in 20.13 by Colin Humphrey (Achieve-Skinnergate Racing), 52 seconds clear of runner-up Ian Taylor.

Result: 1 Colin Humphrey (Achieve-Skinnergate) 20.13; 2 Ian Taylor ( 21.05; 3 Mark Harrison (Houghton CC) 21.07; 4 Blain Metcalf (Team Swift) 21.13; 5 C Bush (Tyneside Vagabonds) 21.25; 6 Lee McDermott (Wansbeck CC) 21.26; 7 T Waterston (Barnesbury CC) 21.40; 8 M Strang (Wansbeck CC) 21.44; 9 Adam Wild (Tyneside Vagabonds) 21.46; 10 Nev Martin (Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue) 21.55

 Others: 19 Paul Whitehill (Houghton CC) 22.42; 28 Steve Gordon (S’land Clarion) 23.08; 36 Chris Glass (Cestria Cycles) 23.50; 40 Tony Guy (S’land Clarion) 23.57; 44 Kris Adlington (S’land Clarion) 24.21; 46 Ingrid Shepherd (S’land Clarion) 24.52; 53 M Gardner (S’land Clarion) 25.38; 60 Rick Mitford (Cestria CC) 32.46.

* Houghton CC’s Paul Whitehill won the club’s latest nine-mile evening time trial, in midweek, finishing 18 seconds clear of Sunderland Clarion rider Steve Gordon.

Result: 1 Paul Whitehill (Houghton CC) 21.51; 2 Steve Gordon (S’land Clarion) 22.09; 3 Rik Mitford (Cestria CC) 22.22; 4 Andy Ayre (S’land Clarion) 23.35, 5 Gavin Sword (Coalfields RT) 23.36; 6 Elliot White (Houghton CC) 23.46; 7 Tom Guy (S’land Clarion) 23.47; 8 Ingrid Shepherd (S’land Clarion) 24.04; 9 Lee Statham (Houghton CC) 24.20; 10 Matthew Woodhouse (S’land Clarion) 24.4; 11 Colin Humphrey (Houghton CC) 25.04; 12 Andy Hardy (Houghton CC) 25.40; 13 Steve Kerr (S’land Clarion) 25.57; 14 Dave Marshall (Cestria CC) 26.06; 15 Nick Jobson (Cestria CC) 26.07; 16 Peter Searle (Houghton CC) 26.13; 17 Jonathan Mordue (Houghton CC) 26.27; 18 Colin Oxberry (Houghton CC) 26.50; 19 Paul Borrowdale (Houghton CC) 27.38; 20 Chuck Taylor (Houghton CC) 27.44; 21 Brian Henderson (Houghton CC) 29.08.