Harrison and Sellars lead way for Houghton CC

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HOUGHTON CC’s Riders Mark Harrison and Mal Sellars competed in the first event of the new season, the Stockton Wheelers, 10-mile Time Trial at Crathorne.

The winner was Josh Teasdale (Ingear Quickvit Trainsharp RT), who beat Shaun Tyson by only three seconds.

Results: 1 Josh Teasdale (Ingear Quickvit Trainsharp RT) 20 mins 34 seconds, 2 Shaun Tyson (Adept Precision RT) 20.37, 3 Joel Wainman (Team Swift) 20.53, 10 Mark Harrison (Houghton CC) 21.58, 41 Malcolm Sellars (Houghton CC) 26.34.

Barnesbury CC held its 21-mile hilly Time Trial in Northumberland where over 100 riders took part.

For many, it was the first time trial of the year, and a test of their fitness.

Houghton CC had Mark Harrison, Mal Sellers, Ian Jobling and Paul Whitehill competing.

In the end, it was a close shave with Carl Donaldson beating John Sturman by one second.

Results: 1 Carl Donaldson (GS Metro) 47 minutes 16 seconds, 2 John Sturman (Active Cycles LLoyd Honda) 47.17, 3 Keith Murray (Ferryhill Wheelers/Mountain High) 47.29, 9 Mark Harrison (Houghton CC) 49.48, 40 Paul Whitehill (Houghton CC) 55.02, 70 Ian Jobling (Houghton CC) 1 hour 24 seconds, 78 Malcolm Sellars (Houghton CC) 1.03.51

H Houghton CC are holding their Annual 100k Audax on March 30, starting at Lanchester Community Centre and progressing through Weardale to arrive back at Lanchester.

Details can be found on www.houghtoncc.com