Grindon show title credentials with win over Farm

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Grindon ran out 5-3 winners at Town End Farm in what was a top of table clash.

The match saw both teams wanting to be victorious with Grindon taking the upper hand and seemingly in control of the game.

However, a great come back by Farm, led by J.Forbister skip, gave them the rink and the first points.

In the second rink, Grindon again took command and looked like running away with the rink, but again another fight back by Farm, led by A.Howe, levelled.

In the last rink, Grindon, led by their skip O.Gray, from the off were not going away without a fight and they overpowered Farm to claim the five points.

Plains Farm’s 6-2 win over Mitchells keeps them in the hunt for the title.

They started off well, lost their way in the second rink, but fought back in the third to secure the points.

Steels were comfortable 6-2 winners over St Leonard’s which lifts them up into the top half of the table.

Silksworth Comrades were also 6-2 winners against Farringdon winning 6-2.

H In the Open Singles quarter-final, K.Hutchinson (Grindon) easily overcame R.Storey (Plains Farm) 19-6 in a one sided game.

T.Haram (Grindon) made a great comeback to overcome his team-mate J.McKenna, winning 14-11.

H In the Pairs quarter-final, defending champions K.Wheatley/B.Smith (Grindon) easily saw off W.McMann/A.Turns (Town End Farm) 16-6 after they controlled the match from the off.

H In the Ladies Singles quarter-final, P.Charelton (Grindon) defeated S.Thompson (St Leonard’s) 14-10.

B.Newton (Hetton) comfortably won 18-2 against D.Haswell (Steels).