Gateshead officials set for meeting with National League to resolve overdue wages

Gateshead International Stadium.
Gateshead International Stadium.
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Gateshead have confirmed that club officials are set to meet with the National League to discuss their financial issues – and revealed that the meeting should lead to former players and staff being paid their overdue wages.

The Echo revealed Wednesday that former Heed employees are still awaiting pay for the month of April, over a week after they were due to be transferred into their bank accounts.

This is the second consecutive month that the club have failed to pay employees on time.

In early April, the National League released funds from a £200,000 bond to ensure that the club could meet their commitment to pay their staff.

Since then, owner Dr Ranjan Varghese has undertaken a cost-cutting exercise that has seen the likes of manager Ben Clark and assistant manager Ian Watson leave the club.

And Gateshead currently have only one player in their squad at present – although captain Scott Barrow will be free to leave when his contract expires next month.

The Welsh wing-back discussed the situation with the delay in wages when he told the Echo “We have all got commitments that we need to meet, and we need that pay to meet them.

“It’s not nice being paid, and that’s not just about myself, that’s the rest of the lads and others at the club as well.”

But Gateshead have confirmed that newly-appointed director Nigel Harrop will meet with the National League on Friday and they hope that will lead to the release of more funds from the bond so that former staff can be paid.

A club spokesman said “We can confirm that Nigel Harrop is meeting with National League this Friday to go over various financial issues including the return of the remaining bond amount and the player's April wages.

“To put this into context there is approximately £100k still being held by the National League which is well over twice the amount required to pay the players.

“We fully expect Friday's meeting with the league will result in the dispersement of these fees.”