Farnsworth sets A team on road to derby delight

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CLUB pride was at stake when Washington Snooker A meet their B team in the Danby Auto Sunderland Snooker League

Marc Farnsworth produced the perfect start with a brilliant break of 91 in the first frame.

Mark Bell replied by beating Stephen Thompson in the second, before Steve Mitchell beat Gary Bell to restore the lead.

Norman Leslie was holding a lead in the fourth before Graham Rutland produced a superb shot leading to a colour clearance to win 55-42.

The deciding pairs frame went to Thompson and Leslie of the A team.

Washington C came back into contention with a 4-1 win over Glendale.

A terrific game of snooker ensued in the first before John Danby beat Derek Collins 59-58.

A good finish by Rolf Hoque levelled before Billy Shotton came from behind to win the third.

A good spirited fourth frame saw Bryan Jeffries claim a match winning position, before the old boys Collins and Hall took the pairs for the C team.

Seaham Cons beat Seaham Knack 3-2 in a local derby after recovering from losing the first frame to Ian Stewart.

Steve Marratty levelled before Tony Hazard claimed the third.

Gordon Elliott won the fourth and Marratty and Cougle completed the comeback in winning the pairs.

Mill View A and Steels had their usual close game with Keith Johnson winning the first against Adam Smith.

Kevin Alderson advanced the score in the second before Neil McLaren started a pull back for Steels in the third.

Tom Ayres levelled and Steels took the match 3-2 as Smith and Charlton won the pairs.

Biddick A started well against Whitburn as Terry Froud won the first 46-18, and Graham Smith had a 22 break in winning the second.

Needing a recovery brought the best out of John Smith in the third and Phil Freeman made it all square in the fourth.

With it all to play for, Smith and Freeman claimed the pairs in a 3-2 recovery by Whitburn.

Pennywell Comrades gave the Avenue a good game after losing the first three frames with Bob Boyce, Kevin Harrop and Graham Ablett being successful.

Joe Turner pulled one back in the fourth and joined Dean Taylor in winning the pairs.

Biddick B took over at the top of Division Two with a 5-0 victory away at Murton Big Club.

Details of the match are not available.

Last week’s leaders Lumley A were minus Martin Ball, allowing Mill View B an opportunity of obtaining a decent result.

Paul Stoves soon took charge of the first frame, winning 73-39 to set Lumley on the right path.

Lee Dixon continued his fine form and levelled for Mill View with a 57-30 victory.

A 36 break by John Spruce, in the third, was sufficient to move Mill View into a 2-1 advantage and that was further increased as Adrian Daniel took the fourth 63-10.

The pairs was dominated by Lumley, with Paul Stoves having a 32 break, enabling him to claim a double victory and restricting Mill View to a 3-2 win.

Lumley B kept their second place with a 3-2 win away at the Railway.

Gary Turner played well in the first, although, Ritchie Tiffin did not show his usual form.

The player of the night was Brian Meuse, who turned in a terrific show to completely dominate in levelling.

The lead was taken by Lumley as Alex Hannan was always looking the winner in the third frame.

A very close fourth frame was claimed by Railway, with Norman Lynn prevailing 37-35 against Andrew Drinkwater.

The 3-2 win was obtained as Lumley had little difficulty in claiming the pairs and keeping their unbeaten run going.

An intriguing match between Washington Union and Murton Officials posed a few questions.

Peter Stafford and Robin Midson had a hard 66-57 win in the opening first frame, and this was followed in the second frame when Bill Bulch and Manna Singh scored 157 points in a 81-76 victory to Bulch.

Jimmy Ashcroft took Murton into the lead in the third before Gordon Telford replied.

Brian McDonald and Tony Lyons took the pairs for a 3-2 victory to Washington.

Six of the seven matches in this division had 3-2 results, with Farringdon continuing the trend against Pennywell B.

Colin Wrathmall was outplayed by George Clark in a 65-37 success to Pennywell in the first frame, before Paul Grant had a 25 break in winning the second 68-10.

Ian Douglas took the third before Ian McDermott replied to level.

Paul Grant had a 33 break as he was the dominant partner in the pairs for Farringdon.

Darron Dowell came back to form in the first frame for the Victory, and Anth Kemp took his team into a 2-0 lead.

Tony Grimes pulled one back before Andy Newby restored the lead in the fourth.

Ken Rackstraw and Steve Hagel, of St Gabriel’s, had compensation after losing their singles by taking the pairs in a hard fought 46-48 win to restrict the score to a 3-2 defeat.

H Cards for this week’s knock-outs will be welcomed by Sid Bate for inclusion into the column, with the results forwarded to Vince Flynn as usual.

Results: Division One: Bye 0 Green Baize 0, Washington Snooker A 3 Washington Snooker B 2, Mill View A 2 Steels A 3, Biddick A 2 Whitburn 3, Pennywell Comrades 2 The Avenue 3, Washington Snooker C 4 Glendale 1, Seaham Cons 3 Seaham Knack 2.

Division Two: Lumley A 2 Mill View B 3, Washington Union 3 Murton Officials 2, Railway 2 Lumley B 3, Victory 3 St Gabriels 2, Cheema A 3 Mid Boldon 2, Murton Big Club 0 Biddick B 5, Farringdon 3 Pennywell Comrades B 2.


Division One


Washington Snooker A 8 8 0 29

Seaham Knack 8 5 3 22

Seaham Cons 9 5 4 22

Washington Snooker C 8 4 4 22

Washington Snooker B 7 4 3 21

Steels 8 5 3 20

Green Baize 7 3 4 20

Biddick A 7 4 3 10

Whitburn 8 4 4 19

The Avenue 7 4 3 17

Glendale 89 2 7 16

Mill View A 8 3 5 12

Pennywell Comrades A 8 0 8 9

Division Two

Biddick B 9 7 2 32

Lumley B 9 9 0 31

Lumley A 9 7 2 31

Cheemas 9 6 3 26

Mill View B 8 6 2 25

Railway 9 4 5 22

Murton Big Club 8 5 3 20

Farringdon 9 5 4 22

Victory 9 4 5 20

St Gabriels 9 3 6 20

Washington Union 9 2 7 16

Pennywell Comrades B 8 2 6 15

Murton Officials 8 1 7 11

Mid Boldon 9 0 9 12