Fab four fight on in the Westoe Removals Sunderland Snooker League

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THE battle for glory in Group 2 of the Westoe Removals Sunderland Snooker League shows no sign of relenting, with four of the six teams still in contention.

Farringdon B gained a point with a 3-1 win against Steels A. Paul Grant was outstanding with a well-constructed 42 break in the first frame.

Tom Ayres levelled in the second before Dave Robinson regained the lead in the third.

Grant and Wrathmall took a 68-46 victory in the pairs for Farringdon.

Pennywell C lost the first frame, with Robert Midson in fine form with a 71-29 success for Murton Officials, but Dean Taylor levelled in the second.

Jim Ashcroft restored the lead but was unable to seal a match result as D and S Taylor took the pairs for the home team.

Washington visited Cheemas C and started well as Jason Dewar and Mark Bell took the first two frames.

Paul Yuk showed some of his old form with a 67-30 success in the third and joined Paul Kirsop in completing the comeback by winning the pairs in a tight 55-47 frame.

Dean Wilson is having an outstanding season for Green Baize in Group 1, as another break of 30 continued his run of good breaks in every match this season.

A break of 23 helped him take the first frame against Mark Anderson of Pennywell A that was negated as Paul Wyatt took the second with a 79-41 success against Peter Dambrosie.

Joe Turner took Pennywell into the lead in the third, but was unable to prevent Wilson, aided by a 30 break, joining Dambrosie in winning the pairs.

Steels B are struggling to turn out their strongest team, but still managed a 4-0 against the Duck.

Tom Freeman was on song with a 94-57 result in the first and Neil McLaren had a 40 break in winning his singles before joining Mark Kelly in winning the pairs 75-42.

Dave Manning and Andrew Grant had a fine battle in the first frame before Grant won 55-42 for Farringdon A against Woodside B.

Ian Douglas and Ian Stewart increased the lead before Foreman/Milner took the pairs 88-25 for Woodside.

With five of the players of Grindon and Hylton A in group 33 being off scratch, a hard game was assured.

Norman Leslie won 71-32 in the first, Michael McLoughlin 63-53 in the second, Ken Bradley 75-37 in the third and the pairs went to Grindon for the draw.

Seaham Knack beat Cheema’s 3-1.

Hylton have a decent lead in this group, chased by the Avenue, who drew with Biddick B.

Group 4 saw Woodside A beat Pennywell C 3-1 to keep top spot, with Chris Grimmer and Gary Ablett impressive.

Kevin McDermott had a 54-10 success in the third to keep the game alive until Ablett/Johnson took the pairs 72-30 for the match result.

Biddick A are still in contention and a 3-1 success against Hylton B took them into second.

Hylton B were deducted four points for not fulfilling a fixture on time.

Mill View B had their lead dashed as Seaham Cons beat them 3-1, with Ian Hughes and Michael Monaghan winning.

Ken Sand took the third and the lead fluctuated until Seaham took the blue and pink to seal victory. Railway had a comfortable 4-0 against the Victory Club.

H Trophy presentation picture in tomorrow night’s Echo.

Results Week 6: Group 1: Woodside B 1 Farringdon A 3; Green Baize 2 Pennywell Comrades A 2; Steels B 4 Duck 0.

Group 2: Cheema C 2 Washington Snk 2; Farringdon B 3 Steels A 1; Pennywell Coms B 2 Murton Officials 2.

Group 3: Grindon 2 Hylton A 2; Cheema B 1 Seaham Knack 3; Biddick B 2 Avenue 2.

Group 4: Bye 0 Mill View A 0; Hylton B 1 Biddick A 3; Pennywell Coms C 1 Woodside A 3.

Group 5: Bye 0 Cheema A 0; Mill View B 1 Seaham Cons 3; Railway 4 Victory 0.