Everything still to play for in Summer League

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A REMARKABLE summer season in the Danby Auto Sunderland Snooker League is reaching the last week of the knock-out stages with only two of the teams certain of their place in the quarter finals.

The purpose of the handicaps is to create a competitive and challenging league, and it has come to fruition when three teams in Group One are still involved in securing second place with Green Baize a runaway winner.

In Group Two, Mill View B have qualified as winners, with Biddick B and Seaham Cons vying for second place.

The Railway are still in with a chance depending on next weeks results.

Group Three is enthralling with four of the teams covered by one point, in chasing the first two places.

With two places in each group automatically progressing, and another two decided on a ratio basis, the interest has been maintained right up to the last week.

In Group One, a brilliant performance was seen in the match between Steels A and Lumley A as Martin Ball had a huge 93 break.

Paul Stoves took the second 78-31, and Stephen Rushworth won 70-60 on the blue to put Lumley 3-0 ahead.

Tom Ayre and Lee Norton beat Joe Nord and Paul Stoves 80-24 to win the pairs.

Green Baize took the first frame against Pennywell Comrades, with Dean Wilson in fine form before Dean Taylor beat Peter Dambrosie.

Jeff Burn scored 107 points to level and joined Wilson in winning the pairs.

Details are not known in Seaham Knack’s 3-1 victory over Murton Colliery.

In Group Two, Mike Riley, of Biddick A, was at his slick best with good safety and well worked out snookers when he won the first frame against Michael Monaghan, of Seaham Conservatives.

Graham Smith increased the lead against Gordon Elliot, before Ian Hughes stopped the rot in winning 54-28 against Rod Turnbull.

A close 55-44 pairs frame went to Dave Adamson and Terry Froud as Biddick won 3-1.

Mill View B hoped to keep their run going against the Railway, and faced a nervous first frame as Adrian Daniel twice had a 20-point lead, pulled back by Ken Rackstraw before calmly taking the pink and black to win 64-59.

Lee Dixon took the lead from Daniel and kept his composure in winning the second 59-18.

In a frame that moved back and fro, John Spruce was stretched as Gary Turner kept responding and nearly had a fluke to win on the pink.

It was a relieved Spruce who claimed the last two colours for victory.

He was a dominant player as twinned with Sid Bate as Mill View won the pairs 74-45 for a 4-0 result.

Again, details are not available in Cheemas’ 3-1 success over the Victory.

The battle in Group Three has been captivating, with teams constantly changing positions, and a new challenger in Hylton, coming up the rails after being out of it.

Last week’s leader Biddick B played Hylton, who were in fourth position, and a 3-1 defeat in a great game saw them joined on top spot.

John Temple was holding Mark Fox in the first fame, before Fox had flukes on the yellow and green to help him to a 53-41 success.

A black ball finish decided the second with Kevin Harrop increasing Hylton’s lead.

A high scoring 76-65 third frame saw Bob Boyce beat Trevor Walton, before Walton and Mills had recompense as they won 61-26 in the pairs.

Steels visited Lumley B and started well as Adam Smith had a 32 break in winning the first.

It was levelled as Brian Meuse replied and the vastly improved Jim Gales restored the lead.

Alex Hannan and Don Roberts beat Chris Cowie and Ken Haley in the pairs with Hannan having a 32 break in the process.

Murton Officials and Pennywell B both only had three players, but enjoyed an entertaining game.

Robin Midson took Murton into the lead, before Brian Parkin recovered from being 20 behind, to win on the black and level.

The balls were flying in the third, as Kevin McDermott potted well in winning 45-12 to put the Comrades ahead.

A 20-point break by Robin Midson aided by Jimmy Ashcroft was decisive in winning the pairs to force a draw.

Results: Group One: Steels A 1 Lumley A 3, Murton Colliery 1 Seaham Knack 3, Pennywell A 1 Green Baize 3. Group Two: Mill View B 4 Railway 0, Seaham Cons 1 Biddick A 3, Cheemas 3 Victory 1. Group Three: Murton Officials 2 Pennywell B 2, Biddick B 1 Hylton 3, Lumley B 2 Steels B 2.

Danby Autos Sunderland Summer League

Group One


Green Baize 9 7 1 1 26

Pennywell A 9 3 3 3 18

Lumley A 9 2 2 5 18

Seaham Knack 9 2 2 5 17

Steels A 9 2 4 3 14

Murton Coll 9 0 5 4 13

Group Two

Mill View B 9 8 0 1 27

Biddick A 9 4 3 2 19

Seaham Cons 9 2 3 4 18

Railway 9 4 4 1 16

Cheema 9 1 4 4 15

Victory 9 1 6 2 13

Group Three

Steels B 9 4 2 3 20

Biddick B 9 3 2 4 20

Hylton 9 5 3 1 19

Lumley B 9 3 3 3 19

Murton Officials 9 2 3 4 15

Pennywell B 9 0 4 5 13