Emotional day ahead as Crowtree closes down

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TOMORROW’S final day of indoor bowls by members of the Sunderland Indoor Bowling club at Crowtree promises to be a day to remember.

The day starts at 10.30am with a final opportunity to play casual bowls.

Then, at noon, the remaining three club singles finals will take place.

The men’s final promises to be an El Classico as two England internationals will battle it out as David Bolt takes on current champion Gary Smith.

In the senior singles final, the 2006 and 2008 champion Joe Flett takes on Bobby Graham, who will look for his first success.

In the ladies singles final, Alice Curtis will attempt to notch a sixth title in the last seven years against Margaret Eggleston, who will be appearing in her first club final.

It is hoped a good crowd will support the three finals, all of which could be real crackers.

Following the finals, the club will then hold a final friendly fixture, with an amazing 90 members taking to the green – a fitting send off to Crowtree.

The day will end with club President Michael Davis closing the green, at approximately 4.30pm, and a club legend will be invited to bowl the last ever bowl at Crowtree. And that will signal the end of a 36-year relationship between the club’s 357 members and Crowtree Leisure Centre.

The teams are (all players to report in by 1.30pm)

Rink 1 - Mrs B.Thompson, Richard Thorpe, K.Waterson, Mrs A.Rush, J.Mckenna, G.Gibson v E.Dent, Mrs J.Wake, A.Hall, M.Duke, Mrs F.Rodenby, A.Wood

Rink 2 - G.Brown, Mrs M.Robins, R.Bell, J.Scott, Mrs P.Johnson, Mrs E.Baker v Mrs A.Curtis, EJ.Forster, E.Fountain, D.Gowland, Mrs E.Pattinson, P.Thomson

Rink 3 - W.Mitchell, Mrs N.Quinan, Mrs S.Moody, R.Usher, P.Dixon, D.Todner v R.Borthwick, Mrs A.Candlish, R.Abbott, G.Simpson, Mrs A.Bevan, P.Brickle

Rink 4 - B.Shaw, Mrs M.Wallace, Ron Thorpe, Mrs G.Eltringham, TW.Todd v K.Petrie, C.Wallace, Mrs E.Barkes, W.Hearne, A.Ferguson

Rink 5 - Mrs J.Brown, Mrs J.Reay, M.Milner, W.Roberts, Mrs M.Clennell, J.Flett v P.Bulmer, G.Reay, Mrs B.Harper, Mrs M.Williamson, A.Ganley, Mrs M.Mitchinson

Rink 6 - Mrs M.Smith, J.Pallas, Mrs A.Callaghan, M.Wright, D.Woodward, E.Weightman v J.McRoy, Mrs J.Pallas, G.MacGregor, Mrs H.Snell, B.Walsh, T.Jopling

Rink 7 - Mrs G.Christie, J.Kerrigan, Mrs P.Wayman, R.Dresser, Mrs V.Bambrough v Mrs D.Kerrigan, Mrs E.Barren, J.Eggleston, Mrs M.Eggleston, W.Conway

Rink 8 - P.Collins, Mrs O.Charlton, S.Lavelle, R.Jobling, F.Froud v Mrs A.Todd, Mrs C.Cowey, G.Charlton, A.Grimes, L.Todd