Donaldson shows class to clinch time trial in style

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CARL Donaldson (G.S Metro) claimed the winning crown in Sunderland Clarion’s annual open 25-mile time trial.

Taking place on a rolling course, M254, this year’s event was also the National Clarion championship for the second year running.

Despite the conditions the top 10 riders all clocked times under the hour mark.

Donaldson lead the way with a time of 56:25, nearly two minutes ahead of Lee McDermott (Wansbeck CC) (58:12).

The podium was rounded off by Chris Bush (Tyneside Vagabonds), who was just 26 seconds behind.

The National Clarion championship was won by Nottingham Clarion’s Martin Knight, whose ninth place finish overall in 59:57 saw him nearly a minute and a half clear of the next fastest, Clarion rider Sunderland’s Iain Beveridge (1:01:24).

Beveridge’s performance saw him take the club’s David Craig Memorial Trophy with a seven second winning margin from Craig Stephenson (1:01:31).

Neil Wallbank was the third Sunderland rider home with a time of 1:03:17.

Within the club, there was some strong performances with a number of riders in their first full season of time trialling setting strong times, including Tom Guy, Steve Gordon, Kris Adlington, Ingrid Shepherd and Paul Barrett.

The women’s competition was won by Tyneside Vagabonds’Angela Hibbs in a time of 1:03:39, ahead of Sarah May (Calderdale Tri Club) 1:05:45 and Bev Blakeman (Derwentside CC) 1:06:16.

Sunderland Clarion Cycling Club, Results of 25 mile time trial held on the M524: 1 Carl Donaldson, GS Metro, 56:25, 2 Lee Mc Dermott, Wansbeck CC 58:12, Chris Bush, Tyneside Vagabonds CC, 58:38, 4 Ben Lane, GS Metro, 58:52, 5 Nev Martin, Tyne And Wear Fire & Rescue CC, 58:57, 6 Simon Clark, GS Metro, 59:00, 7 John Warrington, Tyneside Vagabonds CC, 59:47, 8 Tim Humphries, Team Swift, 59:55, 9 Martin Knight, Nottingham Clarion, 59:57, 10 Mark Strang, Wansbeck CC, 59:58, 11 Adam Wild, Tyneside Vagabonds CC 1:00:04, 12 Paul Whitehill, Houghton CC, 1:01:21, 13 Mark Reed, Tyneside Vagabonds CC, 1:01:23, 14 Iain Beveridge, Sunderland Clarion, 1:01:24, 15 Andrew Ratsey, Wansbeck CC, 1:01:24, 16 Craig Henderson, Sunderland Clarion, 1:01:31, 17 Craig Fenwick, Team Swift, 1:02:15, 18 Paul Hague, Gosforth RC, 1:02:20, 19 Brian Johnson, Barnesbury CC, 1:02:22, 20 Rick Mitford, Cestria CC 1:02:28, 21 Neil Baxter, Blumilk.Com, 1:02:44, 22 Phil Hall, Alnwick Cycling Club, 1:02:47, 23 Andrew Callaghan, Calder Clarion, 1:03:03, 24 Neil Wallbank, Sunderland Clarion, 1:03:17, 25 Paul Rider, Tyneside Vagabonds CC, 1:03:19, 26 Steve Gordon, Sunderland Clarion, 1:03:22, 27 Angela Hibbs, Tyneside Vagabonds CC, 1:03:29, 28 Andy Niven, Tri Northumberland, 1:03:59, 29 Jason Robson, Derwentside CC, 1:04:52, 30 Mark Herbert, Team Cystic Fibrosis, 1:05:06, 31 Sarah May, Calderdale Tri Club, 1:05:45, 32 Kris Adlington, Sunderland Clarion, 1:06:00, 33 Bev Blakeman, Derwentside CC, 1:06:16, 34 Richard Cleathero, EMC, 1:06:26, 35 Guillaume Zoppi, Coalfields RT, 01:07:09, 36 Tom Guy, Sunderland Clarion, 1:07:18, 37 Richard Birkin, Nottingham Clarion, 1:07:57, 38 Grant Haven, West Lothian Clarion SCU, 1:08:41, 39 Matthew France, Sunderland Clarion, 1:09:18, 40 Hendrik Nahler, West Lothian Clarion SCU, 1:10:01, 41 Ingrid Shepherd, Sunderland Clarion, 1:10:13, 42 Matthew Davies, Sunderland Clarion, 1:10:28, 43 Mark Gardner, Sunderland Clarion, 1:11:43, 44 Andrew Hardy, Houghton CC, 1:14:38, 45 Edward McLeod, Sunderland Clarion, 1:15:33, 46 Paul Barratt, Sunderland Clarion, 1:16:21, 47 Stephen Kerr, Sunderland Clarion, 1:18:29, 48 Karen Colleran, Tyneside Vagabonds CC, 1:19:51, 49 Allen Armstrong, Sunderland Clarion, 1:21:48, 50 Peter Baggaley, Sunderland Clarion, 1:27:02.