Dominant Lumley continue to lead way at the summit

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THREE teams have moved ahead in the Second Division of the Danby Auto Sunderland Snooker League with Lumley Snooker A still holding top place.

A 4-1 win for Lumley against Murton Officials suggests a comprehensive result, but three of the frames could have gone either way.

Robin Midson lost to Paul Stoves on the late colours, while Steven Rushworth could have lost before potting the pink and black for a 67-55 score against Bob Lamb.

Ernie Bonsall put Lumley into a 3-0 lead before Joe Nord won 59-50 against Manna Singh, who gained recompense by twinning with Midson in winning the pairs 76-52.

A late result from last week had Murton Big Club winning 5-0 against Murton Officials to claim the table.

Lumley B were always in control against Washington Union and took the four singles to open a match-winning total.

Thomas Gwyn won 57-19, Ritchie Tiffin won 50-18 and Brian Meuse had a 20 break in a 63-10 win in the third and Alex Hannon had 21 in winning the fourth.

Brian McDonald and Peter Stafford replied with a strong performance in winning the pairs 61-22 for the Union.

Mill View B fell back as their match against Murton Big Club was cancelled early as Murton was unable to field a team.

Biddick B are still performing well and a 4-1 win over Comrades B kept them in the top three.

Michael Simpson won the first, Peter Mills – aided by a 43 break – took the second and Trevor Walton the third as Lumley went 3-0 ahead.

Michael Burnikell pulled one back before John Temple and Alex Lewins claimed the pairs for Lumley.

Cheema took an early lead against Farringdon as Lee Champion took the black for a 48-45 victory against Colin Wrathmall and took the second as Gurj Cheema won 55-29.

Ian Douglas replied in the third for Farringdon, but his was their only success as Cheema took the last two for a 4-1 win that saw them jump up the table.

Near neighbours St Gabriel’s and Railway had a close match with Gary Turner beating Ken Rackstraw 56-53 in the first before Steve Cox levelled.

The Railway took the next two singles before the Saints won the pairs with Rackstraw and Hagel being successful.

Mid Boldon are sill looking for their first win, but a 3-2 loss against the Victory suggests that this will not be long coming.

A terrific game was seen between Washington Snooker A, the leaders of the First Division, and Steels.

Adam Smith faced Norman Leslie in the first frame and it was Smith who came out on top to give Steels an early lead.

Jimmy Gales seems to have found new prowess this season and a 56-45 win over Stephen Thompson took Steels further ahead.

Washington showed why they are champions by replying to take the next two singles with Steve Mitchell and Paul Kirsop the victors.

A close 57-47 result in the pairs gave Washington a 3-2 result.

Seaham Knack had a strong team out against Glendale and improved their position with a 4-1 victory.

Glen Edwards won 60-30 against Liam Irving before Frank McPartlin beat Ian Stewart 66-48 to level.

Gary Stockton restored the lead in the third, and Tony Hazard was in form to increase the lead in the fourth.

Stewart and Stockton took the pairs for the Knack.

Whitburn are not showing their usual form so far this season, but had a good 4-1 victory over Mill View A after Keith Johnson took first frame for Mill View.

John Smith levelled, Michael Grieveson clinched the third, and Phil Freeman took the fourth before joining Grieveson in winning a hard-fought pairs 58-47.

Pennywell Comrades are struggling to turn out a team and are to be commended for using their registered reserves to enable them to fulfil the fixture.

Dean Taylor took the first frame with a win over Michael Monaghan, but Joe Turner could not repeat the victory, going down 56-42 in a hard frame against Ian Hughes.

Stephen Marratty and Gordon Elliot took the next two singles before Cougle and Marratty took the pairs for the Cons.

Unfortunately, the table is not reflective as two important games were cancelled for various reasons, with Avenue v Biddick A and Green Baize v Washington closing ground.

H The knock-out sheets were given to the representatives at the monthly meeting, and attention was drawn to the shortage of time this month with the closing date being Saturday November 30.

Results: Division One: Steels 2 Washington Snooker A 3, Whitburn 4 Mill View A 1, Pennywell Comrades A 1 Seaham Cons 4, Glendale 1 Seaham Knack 4.

Division Two: Murton Officials 1 Lumley A 4, Lumley B 4 Washington Union 1, St Gabriel’s 2 Railway 3, Mid Boldon 2 Victory 3, Cheema A 4 Farringdon 1, Biddick B 4 Pennywell Comrades B 1.