Deadly Douglass does the double

Steve Richardson.
Steve Richardson.


Jaxon Douglass had a great night in the Golden Fleece Darts Premier League when he clinched two wins out of his three matches.

Firstly, Douglass defeated John Doran 5-1, then went on to beat Davey Marley 5-3.

However, Jaxon’s evening finished on a sour note when he lost 5-2 against Mark Reeves.

Reeves then beat Pete Wilson 5-1, with winning legs of 19, 20 and 21 darts.

Douglass had winning legs in 16 20 and 21 darts, plus a great finish of 112.

Marco Laybourn beat Kev Long 5-3, with both players’ best leg an 18-darter.

Gary Richardson beat Andy Clark 5-2, while Pete Wilson defeated Norman Place 5-1.

Paul Moon drew with Don Green and Denny Cullen beat Andy Clark 5-3.

Charlie Thompson beat Steve Carr 5-1, while Adam Lafferty drew with Gary Richardson.

Steve Peel saw off Norman Place to win 5-3, but was then held to a draw by Andy Clark.

Steve Richardson moved into top spot with a stunning 5-1 win over Mark Forth.

Finally, Marco Laybourn beat Davey Marley 5-2.