CYCLING: Clarion riders take on Cyclone

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SUNDERLAND Clarion riders took part in the Virgin Money Cyclone on Saturday.

The event gives riders the option of tackling three lengths of rides, with the majority of Clarion riders opting to complete the longest 104-mile ride.

The timed event, classified as a sportive, sees riders taking on a gruelling course through Northumberland.

Although not a race, it is a great opportunity for riders to test their fitness and compare themselves to other riders.

On the day there was no one comparable to the Clarion’s Iain Beveridge, who completed the course with the fastest time on the day, 5:30:06.

The course also required a bit of luck, with a number of strong riders suffering punctures on the day including Chris Barnard and Tony Dickinson, who both managed to suffer double punctures at the same point.

As the ride wasn’t a race, a number of riders opted to stay together and enjoy a bit more of a social atmosphere.

In total, 16 Sunderland Clarion riders completed the 104-mile loop, from across the clubs racing and social groups, a further three completed the 63 mile course.

Those that completed the 104 mile big loop were Peter Baggaley; Chris Barnard; Iain Beveridge; Craster Bryce; Paul Cottrell; Matthew Davies; Tony Dickinson; Tony Gibson; Julian Long; David Mason; Paul Steadman; Simon Williamson; Alan Reed; Andy Cato; Paul Alderson, and Neil Wallbank.

The shorter 63 mile route was completed by Mark Bain, Sean Clavery, and new member Craig Stephenson.

On Tuesday evening, a four-man Sunderland Clarion team took place in the 3/4 race at Prissick Park in Middlesbrough.

Stuart Grey took a deserved 10th place, in only his second race of the season.

Matt France, Paul Cottrell, and Neil Ferguson all retired from the high-pace race which saw numerous attacks off the front, before ending in a sprint.

Houghton Cycling Club Evening nine-mile time trial: Tony Fawcett (Blackhawk Bikes) 20min 51sec, Peter Hale (Ferryhill Wheelers) 20.59, Mark Harrison (Houghton CC) 21.24, Martin Gibson (Adept Precision) 21.27, Andy Ayre (Sunderland Clarion) 23.05, Peter Tuckwell (Houghton CC) 23.56, Alan Pamler (Houghton CC) 24.24, Steve Kerr (Sunderland Clarion) 25.31, Dave Marshall (Cestria CC) 25.36, Chuck Taylor (Houghton CC) 26.38, Peter Baggarley (Sunderland Clarion) 27,19, Herbie Taylor (Houghton CC) 27.39.