Codling aplenty for anglers as peeler crab work their magic

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THERE are still a fair few codling being taken in our area, with fresh peeler crab now the top bait.

With crab peeling in good numbers on the west coast and in both the Wear and the Tyne, they are in good supply.

Seaham North Pier has given up codling to 3lb, with Terry Chapman taking one of 3lb 4oz last Thursday night. The blocks at the Green Wall at Seaham have also produced codling to 3½lb.

The Ryhope area has also seen codling, with The Target and The Falls being the best marks.

Hendon Prom has produced codling to 2½lb and has been fishing best over high water.

Roker Pier has been closed for best part of the week – perhaps it was due to the fog, as the sea hasn’t been that bad?

South Shields Pier has produced the best results in terms of codling, with fish up to 4lb. Local angler Alan Heeley took a bag of six codling to 3lb 6oz, fishing at first light. The Small Wall, on the end of the pier, The Blocks and The Post have been the best marks.

Flounders are continuing to return to the rivers, with both the Wear and the Tyne producing fish which have been taking a mixture of worm, crab and mackerel baits.

Anglers travelling over to Port Carlisle on the west coast have had great sport with flounders, with bags of up to 30 fish, some going to 2lb taken on crab and mackerel.

Local boat anglers have struggled to put to sea due to the weather.

The Sapphire was forced by the wind to return to port on Saturday after two hours of fishing, but, in that time, did manage to take ling to 6lb and codling to 2lb along with a few good pouting.

The Whitby Charter Boat Festival finished last week with Mick Dearings winning the £1,000 prize with a fish of 20lb 7.3oz, taken aboard The Mistress. Arthur Karbarz was second with a cod of 14lb 15oz, taken while fishing on the Shy Torque.

Hartlepool boat Famous had a few good days fishing with parties taking up to 40 fish.

Sunderland SAC had 15 fishing last weekend with eight weighing in.

Paul Hossack won with a cod of 3lb 12oz, followed by Colin Smith’s cod of 2lb 13oz. Stevie Conlin finished third with a bass of 1lb 12oz.

Saturday’s Blenny Hill Open had 21 anglers out at the White Wall.

Geordie Heron won with three fish for 79cm, runner-up Jim Dobie caughttwo fish for 62cm and third-placed Micky Davison had two fish for 57cm. The junior prize was a tie between C. Herrington and C. Miller, with 26cm. The longest fish, at 35cm, was a codling taken by Paul Edwards.

Saturday’s charity match raised £280 for Little Derek’s Fishing Fund.

Winner Paul Bosher had a flounder of 36cm, while there was a five-way tie for second place between Dave McCready, Mark Atkinson, Richy Carr, David Frost and Joe Gibson, who all caught 35cm flounders. The longest total length went to Anth Constable with 327cm.

On Sunday, Seaham SAC fished for the Davison Cup and the 57 anglers taking part found a few codling, with 14 bringing fish to the scales.

First, with three codling for 8.40lb, was Dean Furness. Kenny Newton took two codling for 4.69lb to be runner-up, followed by Dean Redring, who also had two codling for 3.78lb.

The heaviest single fish was taken by Furness – a 3.39lb codling. He also won the pairs event with Micky Davison with three fish for 8.40lb.

Anglers fishing a sweepstake at Port Carlisle on Sunday had great fun with the flounders.

Zone One was won by Ken McCoy with 32 fish for 1,197cm, while second-placed Garry Foster took 22 fish for 834cm. Zone Two winner Steve Potts had 27 fish for 884cm, followed by Gav Owen’s 25 fish for 814cm.

There was a tie for the longest fish between Chris Potts and Gareth Gardiner (43cm).

Ryhope SAC’s heaviest fish competition takes place at Claxheugh on Tuesday (7-10pm). Registration is at the venue. This competition will be pegged and fished in zones. Entry is £5.

Gentoo are hosting another Going Fishing event for over-60s at The White Wall in the River Wear on Wednesday (11am-2pm). This event, suitable for beginners and experienced anglers alike, is free of charge and all equipment is provided.

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