Big tides around Sunderland’s coast still not delivering much codling

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Sea Angling

by Andy Rutherford

THE big tides last week did not deliver the expected numbers of codling and even though there were still some whiting around, they were not in big numbers either.

A few flounders have started to show at the bottom end of the Wear, along with some good-sized coalfish.

Roker Pier has provided a good selection of fish, with whiting, flounders, dabs and coalfish showing.

Andy Copeland landed a codling (5lb 4oz) there on Friday afternoon.

Codling up to 4lb have also been coming from South Shields Pier, as well as good bags of coalfish up to 2lb.

Fresh or frozen crab is usually the best bait for coalfish, but mussel is also worth a try.

Coalfish, along with whiting and the odd codling, have also been showing in the River Tyne, with the best spots at Hebburn Marina, Church Bank and the prom next to the pedestrian tunnel.

Further south, Hendon Prom has been giving up a few whiting and flounders, with The Target at Ryhope looking like the best place for codling.

Boat anglers have continued to catch good bags of whiting on worm and mussel baits, along with the odd codling up to 5lb.

* Most anglers would be happy with a 5lb codling, but this seems like a little tiddler compared to the 43lb 7oz cod caught on a boat trip out of Eastbourne. It is believed to be the biggest cod caught on rod and line from the English coast for 20 years.

* Last Tuesday Ryhope Club had 16 anglers competing, with four of them weighing in seven fish.

In first place was Paul Hossack, with a cod (3lb 1oz) caught on his last cast on Roker Pier.

In second and third place with two whiting also caught on Roker Pier, weighing 1lb 6oz and 1lb 2oz, was Darren Donnelley.

* Eastenders fished their club competition last Saturday, with six out of the 12 competitors weighing in 15 fish.

Ernie Hunter took top prize with three whiting (2lb 10oz). Hunter also took the heaviest round fish with a whiting (1lb).

George Allison’s three fish (2lb 3oz), secured him second place along with the heaviest flat fish (15oz).

In third came Brian Turnbull with three fish (2lb 2½ oz).

The junior title was taken by Shannon Giles, who caught her first fish ever – a whiting (11oz).

* Ryhope Club held their club competition on Sunday, with an impressive turnout of 80 anglers.

Thirty anglers weighed in and first place went to Andy Rutherford, who fished the Tyne to take six coalfish and a flounder (3325g).

John Lovett chose the White Wall on the Wear to take a codling, a coalfish, two flounders (2,240g) and second place.

Lee Burton took third with two fish (1,580g), along with the heaviest round fish title for a codling (1,370g) caught from South Shields Pier.

The heaviest flat fish was Chris Hossack’s flounder (635g) and the junior title went to Kian Ashton (610g).

Sunderland Sea Angling Club was also out on Sunday, with five out of 12 fishing, weighing in flounders, a coalfish, a whiting and a plaice.

The top spot was taken by Alan Mordey’s two flounders (2lb 3oz), followed by Robbie Feenan’s coalfish (1lb 5oz), which also took the heaviest fish prize. Bringing up the rear was Richie Dodsworth’s whiting (1lb 4oz).

* Seaham Sea Angling Club will be fishing for the Kirton Cup on Sunday (11am-4pm).

Ryhope Club’s Tuesday night open competition will fish from 7pm-10pm.

This is a heaviest single fish competition and anglers may win more than one prize. Registration is at the back of Sea View Club.

Looking a bit further ahead, Sunday, February 26, sees the Dave Jobson Memorial Match (9.30am-1.30pm).

Registration (7am-8.30am) is at the rear of the Ridley Park Hotel, Blyth. For more details please contact Nigel Howitt on 07988 465 416.

* Ryhope Sea Angling Club recently became the first in the north east to be awarded Charter Mark accreditation for its youth development work.

The club works with Venerable Bede School, Ryhope Children’s Centre and Blue Watch Youth Centre, providing youngsters with opportunities to participate in sea angling.

The club holds regular coaching sessions for juniors and regular competitions for adults and juniors. For more information contact Bobby Surtees on 523 7272.

0191 565 4183