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THE Westoe Removals Sunderland Snooker League resumed after the holiday break with the usual mixture of unexpected results.

 In the Second Division Biddick A took advantage of Grindon missing a game with a 4-1 result against the Railway. Mick Riley had a hard game against Joe Beston in the first, winning 49/42, with Terry Froud increasing the lead in the second. A determined Vince Flynn pulled one back in the third before Graham Smith, aided by a 21 break, restored the lead in the fourth. Riley/Adamson dominated to win the pairs.

 St Gabriel’s welcomed the 4-1 Christmas present from the Victory after losing the first frame as Michael Burnikell beat Bill Longley. Tony Grimes, Ken Rackstraw and Steve Hagel took the next three singles and Hagel/Rackstraw the pairs for a good recovery.

 The Duck is finding its feet although still learning the difference between pool and snooker in a close game against Biddick B. Lee Dixon took the first frame and Peter Mills levelled in a tight 57/51 against Anth Kemp. John Temple and Alex Lewins took Biddick into a 3-1 lead before Dixon/Dowell claimed the pairs for the Duck in a 58/50 success.

 Murton Officials had a pleasant game against Cheemas and won 4-1 in a competitive game.

 In the First Division Steels B continue to dominate the table and a 4-1 result against the Avenue retained their top spot. Gary Moore beat Tom Feenan 47/41 in the first before Adam Smith, Neil McLaren and Chris Cowie had little difficulty in claiming the next three singles. Feenan/McLaren increased the lead with a 65/27 in the pairs.

 Hylton A kept in touch with a 4-1 win against Pennywell Coms A while a peculiar game developed as Whitburn met Washington Snooker with Phil Freeman having a 28 break in the first but had to give his best as Mark Bell had a 52 in reply. Derek White levelled in the second before Trevor Herbert restored the lead in the third. John Smith made it all square before Trevor Herbert, with a 68 break, dominated the pairs for Washington.

 Farringdon are starting to climb the table and a 4-1 victory against Steels A was kick started as Ian Stewart had a 52/2 in the first. Paul Grant beat the dependable Tom Ayres and Tony Hazard had a tough 59/52 against Ken Haley. Jim Gales claimed the fourth for Steels before Farringdon took the pairs with Dave Robinson contributing with a 22 break.

 Mill View A continue to suffer misfortune and lost the opening frames on flukes. Gary Ablett fluked the pink against Keith Johnston and Paul Jenkins saw his run of 10 winning frames out of 12 played stopped in the second. Jenkins had a 30 lead on the colours but an in-off gave Bill Milne an opening that he grabbed to clear although the black was a fluke. John Burnell had a 53/17 against Wayne Bowmaker and Peter Davies a 52/4 against Chris Grimmer to level but Woodside took the pairs for a 3-2 success.

 A terrific performance by Seaham Knack in difficult circumstances saw them beat Green Baize 4-1. Glen Edwards beat Dean Wilson, Gary Dormand lost to Craig Kane and the pairing of Edwards/Henderson took the pairs 91/58 for the Knack.

 Mill View B visited Woodside B and registered their second win of the season. Ritchie Milner was devastating in the first for Woodside before Norman Brown claimed a hard second for Mill View. The third frame saw John Spruce start well then stutter before overcoming Jason Qazi in the fourth. Ken Sands was impressive in giving the Mill the overall lead in the fourth before Milner/Qazi dominated the pairs for Woodside.

 Hylton B took the first two frames against Pennywell Coms B before Stuart Taylor outlasted Daz Harem in the third. Gary Usher restored the lead to Hylton with the pairs going to McDermott/Taylor of the Comrades to leave Hylton the overall winners 3-2.

 The results of the knock out rounds are not being forwarded to Vince Flynn, suggesting there is going to be a last minute surge for the completion date.

 Results, Westoe Removals Sunderland Snooker League (Week 14), Division One: Steels B 4 The Avenue 1, Hylton A 4 Pennywell Comrades A 1, Woodside B 2 Mill View B 3, Mill View A 2 Woodside A 3, Pennywell Comrades B 2 Hylton B 3, Farringdon 4 Steels A 1, Whitburn 2 Washington Snooker 3, Seaham Knack 4 Green Baize 1.

 Division Two: The Duck 2 Biddick B 3, St Gabriel’s 4 Victory Club 1, Biddick A 4 Railway 1, Murton Officials 4 Cheema Snooker 1.


Division One

P W L Pts

Steels B 13 12 1 49

Hylton A 13 11 2 45

Green Baize 13 8 5 38

Whitburn 13 9 4 38

W’ton Snooker 12 11 1 37

Seaham Knack 13 8 5 35

Woodside A 13 8 5 34

Woodside B 13 6 7 32

Farringdon 13 4 9 30

P’well Com A 13 3 10 29

P’well Com B 13 5 8 26

The Avenue 13 4 9 26

Steels A 13 4 9 26

Hylton B 13 4 9 25

Mill View B 13 2 11 24

Mill View A 12 4 8 21

Division Two

Biddick A 13 11 2 50

Grindon Social 12 12 0 47

Biddick B 13 9 4 37

Railway 12 8 4 36

Murton Officials 12 7 5 33

Seaham Cons 12 7 5 32

St Gabriel’s 13 4 9 27

The Duck 13 4 9 25

W’ton Union 12 3 9 25

Victory Club 13 2 11 18

Cheema 13 2 11 15