Baize leave Lumley Green with envy

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GREEN Baize took a giant leap in their quest for the Danby Auto Sunderland Snooker League Group One title with a 4-0 victory over Lumley A

Given the fact that the Baize were penalised for missing a meeting, the four points took them back to the top of the table.

Dean Wilson faced a difficult opponent in Paul Stoves, but when he compiled a 56 break without the use of one black ball, the result was predictable and put the Baize into an early lead.

Peter Dambrosie increased the lead with a 60-35 win against Stephen Rushworth.

Jeff Burn duly took note and he was not to be outshone as he collected the third 68-38.

Needing the pairs for a whitewash did not present a difficulty as Wilson and Burn won 89-49.

The victory was a tremendous result against a very proficient team in Lumley, and especially as all the Baize team were playing from scratch.

Pennywell Comrades A kept their second place, albeit they lost 3-1 to Seaham Knack.

Ian Stewart showed some of his known form with a 63-56 success against Joe Turner, clearing a 20 point handicap deficit in the process.

Gary Stockton put the Knack two up, but Alf Turner replied for the Comrades against George Dormand, before Stewart and Stockton won a tight pairs frame 52-40.

Steels A dealt Murton Colliery’s aspirations a blow when they won 3-1 away with Tom Ayre, and Lee Dixon winning their singles, and twinnedto win the pairs.

Group Three is now led by Steels B, whose 3-1 win over Pennywell B took them one point ahead of their nearest challengers.

Chris Cowie got Steels on the move in the first, before a tight second went to Darren Browne.

Browne had the game won before Kevin McDermott played two brilliant snookers to come back into the game.

A black ball saw McDermott with the first chance that failed and an opening for Browne clinched the frame.

Dave Burnikell took control to win the third on the pink. The pairs went to Steels when Ken Haley took the last four colours to win 70-45.

Biddick B got off to a good start against Murton Officials, winning the first two frames before Murton responded by taking the next two.

Trevor Walton faced Robin Midson, and a 20 start was expected to give Midson the edge, but Walton soon pulled it back and went on to win 71-39.

The second frame followed for Biddick as Peter Mills beat Manna Singh 53-27.

Jimmy Ashcroft can give anybody a good game, as John Temple found to his cost, as Ashcroft steadily pulled away to win 64-26 for Murton.

Midson and Singh completed the come back in winning the pairs 76-45 to force the 2-2 draw.

Although Hylton may be the bottom team, there is still time for them to move up the table and the 3-1 victory against Lumley B certainly helped their cause.

Graham Ablett had a 20 break in the first against Alec Hannan, leading to a 72-15 result, and Bob Boyce followed in the second with a 53-43 win against Richy Tiffin.

Hylton moved into a match winning 3-0 position as Mark Fox took the third.

In the pairs, Bob Boyce had a 36 break, but suffered defeat as Brian Meuse and Andy Drinkwater won to gain a consolation for Lumley.

Mill View B and Railway have opened a gap in Group Two, although Biddick’s result for this week has not been added.

The match between Seaham Cons and Mill View is usually close and Michael Monaghan put the Cons on the right track by winning the first frame against Adrian Daniel.

Ian Hughes and Lee Dixon’s frame went to the wire before Dixon levelled.

Gordon Elliot restored the lead with a 83-49 win over John Spruce.

The two losers for Mill View had revenge as they twinned in the pairs to beat Monghan and Cowell to make it 2-2.

Victory started their match against the Railway with a 64-15 win for Andy Newby.

The luck of the Irish deserted Gerry Porter in the second, as he kept leaving easy reds at the start of the frame, but came back with a 32 break to make it tight.

Porter left an easy pink for his opponent to win 66-58.

The game between Stan Campbell and Ken Rackstraw could have gone either way, before Rackstraw won 58-49 on the colours.

Good safety play by the Railway decided the outcome of the pairs as Railway finished up 3-1 winners.

H Early indication of the teams entering the Winter Season would be appreciated at the next meeting as preparation for the A.G.M.

Results: Group 1: Green Baize 4 Lumely A 1, Pennywell A 1 Seaham Knack 3, Murton Colliery 1 Steels A 3. Group 2: Victory 1 Railway 3, Cheema 0 Biddick A 0, Seaham Cons 2 Mill View B 2. Group 3: Steels B 3, Pennywell B 1, Lumley B 1 Hylton 3, Biddick B 2 Murton Officials 2.

Danby Autos Sunderland Summer League

Group 1


Green Baize 6 4 1 1 15

Pennywell A 6 2 1 3 14

Seaham Knack 6 1 1 4 12

Murton Colliery 6 0 1 5 11

Steels A 6 1 2 3 9

Lumley A 6 0 2 4 9

Group 2

Mill View B 6 5 0 1 17

Railway 6 4 1 1 15

Seaham Cons 6 1 2 3 11

Biddick A 5 2 2 1 10

Victory 6 0 4 2 8

Cheemas 5 0 3 2 7

Group 3

Steels B 6 3 1 2 14

Murton Officials 6 2 1 3 13

Biddick B 6 2 1 3 13

Lumley B 6 2 3 1 11

Pennywell B 6 0 2 4 10

Hylton 6 2 3 1 9