Sunderland at Wembley: When two newcomers shot this grainy but glorious footage of the victorious Black Cats returning home with the FA Cup in 1973

It was a proud moment for Sunderland - and we're hoping for another victorious homecoming from Wembley next week.

By Ross Robertson
Saturday, 23 March, 2019, 12:28

In this grainy amateur movie, two newcomers to the city, Michael and Linda Gough, filmed the crowded streets of Sunderland in 1973 as football fans gathered to give their home team a rapturous welcome.

The footage was sent to us by the North East Film Archive in May 2018, uncovered as part of its CineSecrets series - an initiative teaming up with the region’s media to present 60-second clips from its treasures showing the people, industries, special events and pastimes of times gone by

Picture courtesy of the North East Film Archive

Sunderland's 1973 win was one of the biggest shocks in the history of the FA Cup championship – and disastrous for the bookies.

Under manager Bob Stokoe Second Division team Sunderland beat the odds and returned to Roker Park with a magical 1-0 Wembley win against formidable ‘football machine’ Leeds United.

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The late Ian Porterfield scored the Black Cats’ winning goal, and who could forget Jimmy Montgomery's amazing double save?

It’s hard to imagine today’s footballers being impressed, but each Sunderland player received a gift of Pyrex tableware from Joplings department store for their win.

Picture courtesy of the North East Film Archive
Picture courtesy of the North East Film Archive
Picture courtesy of the North East Film Archive