Your memories of Martin O’Neill’s time in the Sunderland hotseat

Martin O'Neill on his Sunderland arrival in December 2011
Martin O'Neill on his Sunderland arrival in December 2011
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Martin O’Neill was sacked as Sunderland manager on this day in 2013.

He finished with a record of 16 wins in 55 league games, and was replaced wiith Paolo Di Canio.

We asked you about your memories of the current Republic of Ireland boss’s time on Wearside.

Here’s what you said.

Simon Johnson: Over the moon when we got him, I’d wanted him as Sunderland manager for years. By the end of his tenure, I honestly thought the football at Sunderland couldn’t be any worse than I’d seen under him. How wrong was I.

Dave ‘don’ Brennan: Trust safc to get him without the no 2 he had with him all through his career. Had Robertson been with him i have no doubt things would have been different

Steve Makka: Best one has to be when asked about Ji’s goal being offside and said he was ‘still delighted’... or ‘I’m glad he’s made their bench’ (re steven Taylor)

Dave Bews: Been let down by a small-minded club and a trigger happy chairman, replace O’Neill with di canio, your only heading one way and that’s where we’ve headed ever since, I need 3 year to sort this club, we gave him 13 month, I believe we were 13/14th when we sacked him, haven’t got near that position since, so for me still a disgrace we didn’t give him time, cos when he got time at other clubs, his record speaks for itself !!

Dan Lightfoot: First home game of the season v Blackburn. Man City - Ji. His two best moments.

Chris Sumby: His first few months were a pleasure to watch. Johnson and Fletcher were overhyped and over priced.

Steven Mustard: One of my biggest disappointments this. And being a Sunderland fan I’ve had many, believe me, Expected a lot more.

Christopher Dunn: Prefer to remember the early days. Some brilliant football.

Chris Nuttall: First game when Vaughan smashed a last-gasp free kick in. I’m sure it was Vaughn anyway.

Jonny Goldsmith: Worst football I’d ever seen us play. That is until David Moyes came along.

Mark Thompson: Never have the fans so wished a manager would work ... he was one of us. Danny Graham was the final nail.

Liam Roberts: The 2-1 win against Blackburn, Vaughan with the 1st, Larsson free kick for the winner.

Jack Waldron: Never lived up to the hype, got rid of some our best players and was too defensive.

Gaz Kirby Cawthorne: I liked him just was scared to go on the offensive in derbies and always played defensive.

Michael Thwaites: Fell asleep many times boring boring football.

Darren Barrass: No plan B.

Christopher Howe: Boredom.

George Stuart Donnelly: Ji last minute winner. Larsson last minute winner against Blackburn.

Matthew Sharp: Ji vs City.

Anthony Stokoe: Danny Graham 5 million.

Derek Coulthard: Very disappointing :(

Dean Cummings: The leap of faith when he celebrated a goal against Blackburn in his first game in charge.