Wise Men Say: Things will get better for Sunderland, won’t they?

James Vaughan looks for an opening at Hull. Picture by Frank Reid
James Vaughan looks for an opening at Hull. Picture by Frank Reid

Whenever Sunderland go on these winless runs the problems at the club are intensified.

There are lost of winless runs witnessed here and there an unbelievable amounts of problems, so it’s a cycle we struggle to break clear from.

If the Lads held on for another eight minutes or so on Saturday then it would have been nice to bury the old bonce in the sand for a week at least.

In fact, it’s almost refreshing to speak about questionable substitutions and curious tactics.

These are things football fans should moan about.

I’m a bit sick of doing shows where we can’t get our head around why players like Khazri and Giaccherini can do star turns elsewhere yet not here; whether this deep-rooted problem is a myth or a mystery that can be solved.

I’m sick of talking as much about spreadsheets as shocking defending.

As James Vaughan headed in Saturday’s opener against Hull, there was an instant reminder to us all that attitudes towards players and people can change when positive things start to happen.

He’s bought himself a bit more patience from the fans with a solid centre-forward performance and the club as a whole will do the same if they string a couple of results together.

Despite an alarming run of form, I am still yet to see anything in this division that petrifies me and I refuse to believe that, when McGeady and Watmore come into the side, things won’t improve.

That when McManaman gets fitter things won’t improve.

And that when that first elusive home win comes, we won’t all feel much better about ourselves and we’ll climb the table sufficiently to extinguish talk of successive relegations.

Unless somebody comes up with a meaningful way in which something can be done to show discontent about the way the club is run, I’m going to try and save my off-field fume until we sign nobody in the transfer window.

Until we find ourselves bottom of the league in a couple of weeks time, perhaps.

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