Wise Men Say: The sooner David Moyes is gone from Sunderland the better

Sunderland slump to defeat at Watford. Picture by Frank Reid
Sunderland slump to defeat at Watford. Picture by Frank Reid
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I hate what we’ve become and I couldn’t even tell you what it is.

I’m writing this about five minutes after the final whistle of yet another dour, abject and embarrassing defeat.

My views might be irrational and ill thought out. On the other hand, there’s probably some truth at the core of this raw anger.

This is a team in the image of its manager.

Yes, we all know how absolutely woeful we’ve been for the past four seasons.

Yes, Moyes may have had a slightly taw deal in some departments.

However, hand on heart, can you honestly say somebody else couldn’t do any better than the last two absolutely disgusting efforts?

We’ve taken one point from Burnley and Watford, in a run of three games in which we really needed seven points.

Teams aren’t going to roll over and let us tickle their bellies, I understand that. However, we are the ones getting our bellies tickled in the most embarrassing manner.

You can blame a lack of quality in the team. We don’t have the best squad in the league, quite obviously.

But with what we do have, there’s absolutely nothing there. Zero. Zilch.

No plan. No self-belief. No confidence.

However well prepared we’re led to believe the team is, there’s absolutely no chance of carrying out the instructions on the pitch because they don’t think they’re capable of it.

Why is that? Well, it might have something to do with their boss telling them they’re not capable of doing it. If my manager told me repeatedly that I was useless, then what on earth else are we expecting apart from failure?

To see Didier Ndong enter the field of play with 20 minutes left and do more in five minutes than the entire midfield did in the entire game that went before was absolutely infuriating.

There is zero rationale for not play him in this team every week. Zero.

Then there’s the conundrum of Khazri, again.

Yes, he was wasteful at times, but he created good chances in the 15 minutes he was afforded.

Players like Borini are persisted with and offer nothing at all. It’s completely unacceptable.

Last week, David Moyes appeared to baulk at the idea that we were already down. Well, I’m very sorry David, but you’ve done nothing to suggest otherwise.

We needed to win that game, yet you did absolutely nothing differently to try and do that.

Instead, we went out and meekly flapped about against a team of Football Manager regens and a manager on a 12-month contract that probably won’t be there next season and we were comfortably second best.

We are supposed to be fighting for our lives in front of another sold-out away end and instead we look wetter than the North Sea.

Look at Watford. Look at how they won that game with what they had and how they’ve got there whilst everyone sits on their hands talks about our long-term plan which is built on conjecture.

My final thought – Moyes has not earned the right to rebuild our club and he is not the man to do so. The sooner he’s gone the better.

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