Wise Men Say: Sunderland fans are being cheated – Martin Bain must go back on his word and sack David Moyes

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It’s easy to accumulate miserable experiences as a Sunderland supporter.

So often do they occur, they’re worn as badges of honour and fellow fans will peacock in front of one another, by recounting far flung trips, only to see The Lads put on a pathetic performance.

Even though Wednesday night’s defeat to Middlesbrough was only just down the A19, I think it’ll hold a similar significance. That’s how grim a night it was.

A reasonably bright start was negated by some characteristic sloppy defending, which allowed Marten de Roon the opportunity to nudge the ball through Jordan Pickford.

That was all it took for Boro and they only registered one other shot on target throughout the rest of the evening.

The visitors didn’t do much better though, only testing Brad Guzan four times, with the most dangerous being a Wahbi Khazri free kick early in the second half.

It was a terrible game but Moyes’ side were by far the worst, as it only took some basic organisation from Middlesbrough to see them through.

It’s no surprise that more Moyes based scorn poured out from the away end.

“We want Moyes out” was largely predominant from the south east corner of The Riverside Stadium, as a fan base has finally grown tired of a man who looks like he wants to be anywhere except Sunderland.

Comments like ‘the players gave everything’ only serve as further insults to supporters who have had to endure such dreadful displays since August.

That’s twice Sunderland have lost to the team who are almost as bad as they, the type of team they’ll be coming up against on a weekly basis next season.

So if that’s what Moyes thinks is good enough, what chance do we have and why should anyone on Wearside believe he’s the man to resurrect the club?

It’s hard to understand why Moyes is getting such a level of grace from the club hierarchy.

Gus Poyet got us to a cup final, saved us from a mess he didn’t make and picked up some iconic wins, such as three of the six in a row against Newcastle.

So why didn’t he get the chance to bring the club back up, in the name of stability?

Of course he was right to be sacked when he was, but that just makes the decision to stick with Moyes all the more ridiculous.

The current manager is purely hanging on just because other people have failed before him.

I can accept Sunderland playing in The Championship, but not under David Moyes.

Martin Bain may like to go on about ‘long term plans’ but with Moyes at the helm, the only long term plan seems to be a period in the wilderness.

I don’t care if Bain has to go back on his word to Moyes, he has a duty of care to the supporters.

The supporters who will have a season ticket payment taken out in a few weeks.

The supporters that will still travel to Arsenal on a Wednesday night, only to go back to London the following weekend to watch the final Premier League hurrah against Chelsea.

The fans are being cheated by being subjected to this abject, gutless, uninspired mismanagement, and unless Moyes goes soon, I fear that miserable nights like this, will become more frequent.