Why David Moyes should stay in the stands for Hull City game

David Moyes takes his seat in the stand against Bournemouth
David Moyes takes his seat in the stand against Bournemouth
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If David Moyes is the superstitious type, he will keep well away from the dugout and technical area against Hull City.

Ten games without a win pitch side, then banished to the stands for the Bournemouth game, where he watched Sunderland pick up a crucial first win of the season.

Yes, it is almost certainly a huge coincidence but it does beg the question where is it best for a manager to be during a game?

I have always thought the best viewing point is definitely not by the touchline, you are too close and emotionally involved whereas upstairs it is a much better view and being more detached you can analyse the game better.

Moyes was still able to communicate with his backroom staff at Bournemouth, the only thing denied to him was being close to the team.

However, for some players that wouldn’t be a bad thing, In my experience, players hate it when a manager or coach are on their case from kick-off. It is distracting and they usually don’t take a blind bit of notice anyway.

True, things happen as the games develop but that is more likely in the second half and it is understandable if the manager feels he needs to be more involved then.

I think Moyes will probably be in the technical area come Saturday as most managers these days like to be close to the action but maybe a compromise is the best answer.

First half upstairs before coming down to the touchline and directing operations during the second.