Who will stay at Sunderland? What the players have said about their future so far

Will Seb Larsson be at Sunderland next season?
Will Seb Larsson be at Sunderland next season?
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It is set to be a transformative summer for Sunderland, with a high number of players expected to depart.

Some will come as no surprise, some will disappoint, some are unlikely to be missed.

O'Shea and Larsson are out of contract in the summer

O'Shea and Larsson are out of contract in the summer

Moyes has admitted that he will look to sell some of those under contract, as well as losing some of those out of contract.

With decisions due on those expiring deals, we take a look at what the players themselves have said about their future so far...


“I have a season left and when my time comes to an end at Sunderland, I want to be part of hopefully a promotion. I’ve got that one season to do that. Now I’ve got that one season to hopefully do that.

“Like I always say to family and friends, the day I retire from Sunderland I hope to come back and see them as a Premier League team and the top-ten team the club deserve and the fans deserve.”


“I feel disappointed because when I came here I came with the ambition to try to help the team to stay in the Premier League but it was not easy.

“We didn’t get the results we wanted but we need to look forward and be ready for next season.

“The team needs to get back to the the Premier League because everyone wants this – the team and the fans.


“I would like to stay in the Premier League. The people who sort this stuff out are taking care of it and are working adequately towards it. For now, we want to end the season well even if we’re relegated.”

“We need to respect the fans and the club staff. At the end of the season, I’ll go on holiday to stay with my family. From there, we’ll think about our future, but let’s not forget that I’m under contract with Sunderland.”


“I have focused everything on doing my best when I got back from injury. Everyone knows my contract is up and I will decide my future during the summer. I have enjoyed every season here, which might seem strange, but I have enjoyed my time here.

“I am sure there will be discussions during the summer. Now is not the right time to talk about what the future holds – it’s not about me. It’s about the club and for the club to do the right things for Sunderland Football Club, to make sure they do the right things next year.

“My own situation will be discussed during the summer.”


“I’ve really enjoyed being here every year. It’s a great place and the people around the place, the club, the Sunderland family outside and inside, whether at the training ground or Black Cats House, the decency amongst the people is very special and it’s something I definitely want to continue with, but it’s not up to me.”


“We don’t know exactly what is going in but I think it’s well documented, I’m a free agent.

“Even when I’ve stopped playing I’d always like to come back and watch the games, help the club in any way I can really, to give something back the younger lads coming through. It is a special place, the fans are unbelievable. Every player who plays for this club says the same, it will be hard to go somewhere else and find fans like this.”


“I think I’ve still a got year in me but all of the injuries that I’ve had over the last two years, I don’t think my body can take much more. If it is up to me then you want to finish your career where it all started, which is back home, If I do get the opportunity then I’ll take it with open arms.”


“I’m not thinking about it at the moment, I just need to stay fit and help us get some wins, for the fans here and our ourselves.

“I love it here, before I got injured I felt great, performances were good, someone was saying that outside Hazard I was one of the highest ranked attackers in the league, so I’ve enjoyed it.

“The fans have been great to me, it is a really great club, so whenever I go out there I try as hard as I can. This injury was meant to keep me out for 12/13 weeks but I came back after nine, because I wanted to help the team because I know I can with the different style I bring.”