WEB EXCLUSIVE: Sunderland signing would help, says Gary Rowell

Gary Rowell, former Sunderland player and now Echo columnist
Gary Rowell, former Sunderland player and now Echo columnist
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THE transfer window barely has a week to go before it closes and it has been as quiet a window so far as I can remember.

Of course there’s plenty that can still happen and all it takes is one mega-deal to have a knock-on effect that will ripple through the game.

Sometimes I feel that clubs are like swans during the window, sailing serenely on above the surface but paddling furiously below.

I’m sure there’s no end of talks and discussions going on but we’ll just have to see how they pan out.

Personally, I’d love to see Sunderland bring in one or two new faces.

I think a new signing always freshens the place up, keeps players focused and I think there’s a couple of areas where we could be strengthened. We’ve done great in games recently but an extra player here and there can only help.

I WAS saddened to hear of the death of Sir Tom Cowie last week. He was one of those iconic characters who will always be associated with the city and who helped put Sunderland on the map.

He was chairman at Roker Park during part of my playing days at the club but he was much more than that, being a massive name locally and a hugely successful businessmen in the transport industry.

Although he became chairman of the club, we players saw very little of him from day to day and I’m sure his managers were grateful that he left the playing matters to them.

I only really had one proper dealing with him and that was when I went in to negotiate a contract with him. This was the days before agents and as a young lad in his twenties it was probably a bit of a mismatch going into financial talks with this hugely impressive and wealthy business leader.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the contract I would have wanted, but it was difficult to argue with a guy who had an awful lot of presence and charisma about him!

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