Twitter reacts to Simon Grayson's comments on 'stay at home' Sunderland supporters

Sunderland's travelling support
Sunderland's travelling support
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Fans have reacted angrily towards Simon Grayson's latest comments in relation to Sunderland's support and their criticism of the team.

Speaking at his his press conference to preview tomorrow's trip to former club Preston North End, Grayson said: "I accept there is a lot of frustration around.

Simon Grayson

Simon Grayson

"Results like this will bring people out of the woodwork who have probably never been to Ipswich on a Tuesday night, or not really been up and down the country.

"On the other side there are supporters who have done that who have a right to voice that opinion."

And it's fair to say it's got the back up of a number of fans on social media.

Here's a summary of what fans have been saying...

@shellsy87 Is there an excuse handbook passed on from manager to manager at Sunderland?

@deanSAFC76 Rule 1 when managing a football team, do not criticize the fans. Rule 2 do not criticize the fans.

@LdoubleE_87 Sorry I was on holiday like Grayson, I'll keep my opInion that you are totally out of your depth to my self since I wasn't at Ipswich.

@LBarks72 Easy to criticise Grayson’s comments and they don’t read well but he’s under huge pressure and strain probably beginning to tell.

@JeebazSandals He's not fit to manage/coach this club, said for a while now he's way out of his depth. Things will only get worse at #safc while he's here

@WiseMenSayPod Those comments from Grayson are a bit odd mind. Not sure how they will galvanise support.

Suggesting only certain fans have a right to an opinion, suggesting we played okay at Ipswich when some saying it's worst in 18 years #SAFC

@DavidNunn73 Grayson's head well and truly gone with those comments, a man who knows he's out his depth I feel #safc

@aamroyal I've never been to Ipswich on a Tuesday night so next time I'm in the Stadium of Light I shall just sit in silence & be grateful #SAFC

@CopleyMoz Grayson failing to take into account the flailing socio-economic state of the city when criticising stay-away fans is very misguided. #SAFC