Tottenham troubles may help Sunderland

Gary Rowell
Gary Rowell
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AFTER Chelsea on Wednesday will come Spurs on Saturday as Sunderland take on London opposition twice in the space of three days.

Even though both clubs are up there with the Man United’s and Man City’s of the world in terms of glitz and glamour, they are having very different seasons and if Sunderland are looking at either of these games at the Stadium of Light for a victory, maybe the game against Andre Villas-Boas’s side offers the best opportunity.

For once, Spurs started the season enjoying the same levels of expectation as capital rivals Chelsea - while Blues’ fans were thrilled about the return of Jose Mourinho, Tottenham fans were confidently looking forward to a title challenge after spending £100m.

But while Chelsea are going along nicely, Tottenham are falling away and ninth place is not where their fans expected to see them in the approach to the festive season.

The last time Spurs played away from home, it ended with a six goal mauling at Manchester City and a performance that the Spurs manager described as embarrassing and felt warranted an apology to their fans.

An amazing statistic to come out of that game was that although Spurs suffered a 6-0 defeat they actually had more possession and corners than City did – which just proves that possession for possession’s sake and with no end product is useless.

I’m not expecting Spurs to be as bad against us as they were that day but there’s no doubt that they have problems by their own standards and Villas-Boas is coming under pressure from certain quarters.

Every team at the start of the season has different expectations and I wouldn’t mind Sunderland being in Spurs’ position.

But having spent more than £100m in the summer, their fans are expecting more and feel they should be doing better than they are.

At least Sunderland won’t have to face Gareth Bale, as he was the match-winner the last time the two teams met.

And despite Spurs huge investment in new players, Bale’s magic dust hasn’t been successfully replaced yet.

Spurs are a team that blows hot and cold and you don’t want to meet them on one of their better days.

But like us, they brought a lot of new players to the club in the summer and the team hasn’t gelled as quickly as they would have liked.

With Spurs showing inconsistency and the manager battling against the Press and some of his own fans, it just might be a good time to play them.