Tony Potts gives his prediction on the Derby game

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The build up seems to have been a bit more low key compared to the game back in October and that suits me just fine. I feel confident but also a touch anxious.

I see that Mr Webb is in charge; supposedly the best referee in the country, but who gave them a very dubious penalty at St James’s two seasons ago which rescued a point for them.

I have maintained all season that we have better players than they do and a better manager and now is the time to prove it.

Their defence is creaky so we need to supply the ammo to Bent and Gyan and, if we do, and those two show their class, then we can emerge victorious although I fancy we might just get a goal from midfield.

There is not much to choose between the two sets of midfield players.

Our defence has been one of our strong points this season. If Carroll plays then we must negate the balls into the box by using our wide men to press hard and we must try to avoid defending too deeply. We have waited almost three months for this occasion so go and do it for us, Lads.

Prediction: Sunderland 2 Newcastle 0.

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