Tony Gillan: Manchester United’s Jose Mourinho and Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp should show class like Matt Busby and Bob Paisley

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho
Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho
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Following Sunday’s Manchester United-Liverpool draw the clubs’ managers were in a sniping mood; if you can imagine such a thing.

They had already had a queeny touchline spat before the final whistle. Afterwards Jürgen Klopp bitched to the media about United.

He reckoned: “They played long balls in a wild game. We played the better football and had the better plan.” Oooooooh!

Never one to be out-carped, José Mourinho responded with: “Liverpool were much more defensive. They defended with 10 players in the second half.” Miaow!

Pretty much what we expected then. Not for these lads things like graciousness and decorum. They might end up being fondly regarded and respected; like Bob Paisley or Matt Busby and we wouldn’t want that.

Between them Klopp and Mourinho failed to decide which of their teams had played the worse football.

The issue of which of their respective fathers is the superior pugilist remains similarly unresolved.