Tony Gillan: I must dream Sunderland can win the League Cup

David Moyes
David Moyes
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Sunderland are off to Southampton in the League Cup tonight.

Be still my beating heart.

It really is difficult to be terribly excited by the fixture, but a quarter-final would engender some positivity.

Others may disagree; seeing the cup as an unwanted distraction from the league campaign.

I can see their point.

Cup success might have the unwanted side effect of inducing a struggle at the bottom of the table. Imagine that.

David Moyes is unlikely to weaken his side too much.

How could he? Hardly anyone else is fit.

The subs’ bench will resemble a crèche tonight.

Moyes will be criticised whichever side he picks. However, Southampton face a dilemma too as they have a congested fixture list.

Fanciful though the thought is, I want Sunderland to win something while I still breathe and the League Cup would do.

Idle fantasies, not balance sheets, are why you are a football fan.

There has to be some reason to cheer and to dream. Eventually.