Tony Gillan: I, for one, am not sorry to see the back of Chelsea’s John Terry

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John Terry’s modest, self-arranged exit from the pitch in the pre-arranged 26th minute on Sunday is under continued scrutiny.

Thousands of pounds were won after bets were placed on it.

An unintended consequence, but a suitably tawdry incident for him to end his time at Chelsea with.

For 20 years he has played at possibly the only club where he would be considered above reproach.

FA rules define “fixing” as: “Arranging in advance the result or conduct of a match or competition, or any event within a match or competition.”

A rule has clearly been broken, but I don’t feel particularly bothered by the affair. I would like to offer a different view.

To wit, let’s hope that Terry is never seen in English football ever again.

His talent did not outweigh his defects, so good riddance.

Still, in the interests of even-handedness I can also say – the same goes for Diego Costa.