TONY GILLAN: Goodold ‘Arry rules himself out of England job – like he did with Sunderland

Harry Redknapp
Harry Redknapp
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Some good news has been wrung from England’s humiliation; other than how funny it was.

Goodold ’Arry Redknapp does not want the manager’s job.

On a related theme, Peter Andre is adamant that he doesn’t want to be Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Last October, Goodold ruled himself out of the then-vacant Sunderland job.

He is developing a habit of ruling himself out of jobs that no one in their right mind would have ruled him in for in the first place.

Honest ’Arry is still bitter at being overlooked by England the last time and “wrote” in the Telegraph about how useless this made the FA.

’E fumed: “Can anyone trust the FA to get the right man?

They gave the job to Hodgson and he has failed spectacularly for the last two tournaments, or even three if you consider Euro 2012.

“You can count me out – I’ve made it clear how I’d have liked the job in the past but they aren’t going to consider me now.”

How will we cope?

His distrust in the FA is widely shared. It’s also true that Roy Hodgson did a truly dreadful job at Euro 2016.

But the association’s decision not to appoint Redknapp in 2012 is one matter in which they have been vindicated.

It’s easy to speculate over what might have happened had the gorblimey gaffer been appointed instead; so I may as well join in.

I doubt whether Redknapp, the most overrated football manager that I can recall, would have even managed qualification for the last two major tournaments.

During ’Arry’s £3m-a-year stint at Queen’s Park Rangers, the integrity-loving wheeler-dealer spent a mere £71m in the course of steering the club to two relegations; something that is rarely mentioned by an adoring media.

The same goes for the end he put to Southampton’s 27-year spell in the top flight during his reign of incompetence there.

But thanks for your thoughts ’Arry.