Tony Gillan: Cooing over Jose Mourinho’s ‘mind games’ is irritating

Boro and Man Utd players get involved.
Boro and Man Utd players get involved.
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José Mourinho’s pre-match whine about fixture congestion included the comment that Manchester United would “probably lose” to Middlesbrough on Sunday.

The Specious One has come out with some mountainous drivel in his time, so this one barely registers. What irritates is the cooing about his supposedly clever “mind games.”

United won at Boro (followed by some appalling behaviour from Mourinho towards Steve Agnew). This was apparently down to ingenious psychology that mortals can only aspire to.

The fact that United’s team contains better players than Boro’s must have been incidental to the result.

Think about it. It’s only mind games if no one realises what you’re doing.