Tony Gillan: Blind, illogical hope is all that keeps some of us Sunderland supporters going

Ben Foster
Ben Foster
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Following an especially incompetent free kick at the Hawthorns, West Brom goalkeeper Ben Foster turned to the quite epically cheesed off Sunderland supporters.

Through a gesture, he asked: “Why the hell didn’t they have a shot?”

Foster wasn’t trying to inflame. He was as flummoxed as anyone and it was a little incident that somehow epitomised the despair. Is there any reason to hope? Well just about. Sunderland aren’t dead yet; merely severely wounded. So this list is my desperate attempt to restore some cheer.

l Sunderland have crawled out of deeper holes.

l Last season was turned round by three shrewd signings in January.

l It was a bad result at Anfield on Saturday, but if Swansea can win at Liverpool then Sunderland can have similarly unlikely results.

l Sunderland’s next win could take them out of the bottom three.

l There could still be three worse teams.

l Some missing players will return.

l Jermain Defoe and Jordan Pickford.

If you hold no optimism, we understand. Please don’t contact us with a list of reasons as to why Sunderland are a lost cause.

We know them all and probably couldn’t quibble too much with any of them.

Don’t deny us our blind, illogical hope with extraneous, tiresome concepts like reason.

Blind, illogical hope is all that keeps some of us going.