Tony Gillan: A guide for Sunderland boss David Moyes on his future

David Moyes.
David Moyes.
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David Moyes gave an uncharacteristically interesting press conference last week.

The much-maligned manager was asked if a decision had been made about his future.

He affected not to understand the question with: “I don’t know what you mean by ‘a decision.’

I’ve got a four year contract, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Very well David.

We’ll go along with it for now.

I shall even superfluously explain what the gentleman was talking about.

When a manager guides his team to a disastrous relegation that cannot in all conscience even be referred to as a “struggle,” while also wasting millions on more bad signings, then the board has to decide whether to sack him or not.

If the board can’t or won’t dismiss him, it leaves the manager himself with a decision.

Should he do what many would think of as walking an honourable path by resigning? Or does he decide that he is not a quitter/about to abandon a stack of cash?

Hope this helps.