Sunderland v Manchester City Jury: Matty Foster

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SAT in the stadium, with Sunderland 2-0 down to MK Dons with 13 minutes left, it seemed like the chance of silverware was a lifetime away.

Little did we know that six months on, Sunderland would be 90 minutes from lifting the cup.

To do so though, we must take on one of the best sides in England; just like we did in 1973.

As underdogs, we’re not expected to win. But we’ve shown in the previous rounds, that this team won’t go down without a fight. And if we do lose, we’ll do so valiantly.

Its doable, considering City are a team we’ve beaten already this season. And if we can match such a performance, then we have a good chance.

It’s been an incredible run, which still has me pinching myself to make sure it’s real.

I obviously hope we can defy the odds and win. But if we don’t, I think we can all be proud of the team in getting this far.

It’s been an exceptional and sometimes emotional journey and – regardless of the outcome – will live in the memory of us all.

Ha’way The Lads!

Prediction: Sunderland 1 Man City 0