Sunderland still quiet on manager quest

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SUNDERLAND cannot afford to waste time over arriving at a decision on who will fill their managerial vacancy, but there is no guidance to be obtained on how fast they are travelling towards that end.

Club chairman Keith Collings comment today was “All I can say is that we are all working very hard in the matter, but there is nothing that can be said at this stage.”

The only information volunteered so far as is that postal applications for the post, which ran into three figures were, in the main disappointing.

Meanwhile, Billy Elliott, himself an applicant for the post and one whose chance must be rated highly because of his knowledge of playing structure carries on with his caretaker role, which gives him full charge of playing tactical matters.

One development which he was pleased to report is that Keith Coleman, who has been open to transfer throughout the season at his own request, has now withdrawn his request and is prepared to work for improvement.

That leaves Brian Chambers as the only player in dispute with the club over terms. And indications are that there may soon be a happy ending to this problem, too. Chambers passed up the opportunity of pursuing his appeal at top level a fortnight ago and his recall to the side gives him the opportunity to prove his entitlement to a reconsideration of terms.

Mr Elliott says “It is entirely up to Brian now. The next move will come from him.” And I gather that Chambers, more settled now and enjoying the opportunity to play first team football, will probably decide to set his problems to one side and make it a happy situation all round.

Story taken from the Sunderland Echo on November 14 1972.