Sunderland’s muddy marvel

Paolo Di Canio races across the pitch while celebrating Adam Johnson's goal.
Paolo Di Canio races across the pitch while celebrating Adam Johnson's goal.
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SUNDERLAND took Newcastle to the cleaners yesterday – which is more than Paolo Di Canio will be doing with his trousers this week!

The Black Cats’ boss trashed another pair when he slid across the St James’s Park turf on his knees in goal celebrations during the Black Cats’ stunning 3-0 win.

And he admitted afterwards: “These are the second pair of trousers I have ruined celebrating, but I would be happy to lose my trousers every week if we get a win!

“It is a pity the trousers are damaged.

“But I wanted to share the win with my fans, just like Alan Pardew did when he celebrated with his fans the other week – it was a good moment for him. I like to see that sort of thing.

“And I wanted to share my good moment with our fans.

“I would have liked to have ran further, but I am getting older and these days there are only about 20 yards left in my legs!”

Sunderland supporters sang the new manager’s name throughout and roared their approval on the occasions when he acknowledged their chanting. But, far from revelling in their backing, Di Canio said it was important that they sang the names of the players who had served them so well.

Having made a point in the post-match celebrations on the pitch of bigging up his players to the away support, he was being modest when he said: “I think when the fans sing the manager’s name, they are trying to appreciate the team – the manager serves as a general way of praising the whole team.

“But, in my view, it is more important that they salute my players because they were warriors – they gave their all.

“This game will go down in history because it was such a big win, the biggest win in a long time for Sunderland over Newcastle.

“But that is great for my players who should be remembered, because they are heroes for this performance and result.”