Sunderland rely on unchanged team at Bristol

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AFTER yesterday’s excitement and with Mr Bob Stokoe’s managerial take-over shelved until Wednesday, caretaker-manager Elliott, will, after all, still be in charge of Sunderland’s team planning for their visit to Bristol City tomorrow afternoon. He is well primed for the task and in view of the excellent response to his work by the players, supporters will be looking hopefully for a profit from the game.

Mr Elliott was impressed by City’s power and work-rate when he saw them win at Huddersfield at fortnight ago and knows it will be a hard game. The law of probability is against Sunderland, too, for City are the only side in the Football League who have not yet won at home, though they have one of the best award records.

Encouraged by a performance which brought command and a lot of chances but only one goal against Hull City last week, Mr Elliott has decided to rely upon an unchanged side, but a change of substitution may be made after he had checked on playing conditions.

Team: Montgomery; Malone and Coleman; Horswill, Watson and Porterfield; Kerr, Hughes, Lathan, Chambers and Tueart. Substitutes Hamilton, Pitt or Tones.

Brian Drysdale, the former Wingate and Hartlepool United player who has missed City’s last five games through injury returns to the side at No. 3.

There is a doubt in goal where Ray Cashley will have a fitness test in the morning on a sore ankle. If Cashley has to stand down 16-year-old Len Bond will come in for his first game of the season. Bristol City: Cashley or Bond; Wilson, Drysdale; Emanuel, Rodger, Merrick, Tainton, Fear, Galley, Gow, Sweeney.

Youths Changes

With both Jackie Ashurst and Matt Robson out of action for a few days through injury, there are changes in the Sunderland youth team to visit Bradford City in a Northern Intermediate League game.

Team: Roxby; Bolton and Callaghan T; Hepworth, Blyth and Rowell; Stronach, Harrison, Southwick, Henderson K and Kent. Substitute Mason. Reserve Henderson M and Adams.

Story taken from the Sunderland Echo on November 24 1972.