Sunderland opt against using iFollow streaming service for the upcoming season

Sunderland will not be using the iFollow service this year
Sunderland will not be using the iFollow service this year
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Sunderland have decided against using the Football League's iFollow streaming service this season.

The initiative was launched by the EFL this summer offering supporters (from overseas nations only) to watch games online through a subscription service, likely to cost around £110 for the season.

Sunderland have decided, however, that they do not see the service as financially viable or indeed the best option for fans.

The service was revealed to great fanfare earlier in the summer but Sunderland are understood to have a number of concerns.

The standard option, which would feature a one-camera view of the game, would not offer a quality service and the costs incurred by offering a multi-camera service would far outstrip the likely income from the subscriptions brought in by overseas fans.

With the Black Cats also likely to be featuring in live TV coverage regularly throughout the season, the number of games able to view in return for the subscription price cannot be guaranteed. Games selected for live TV coverage cannot be streamed through the iFollow service.

Sunderland will offer fans a 90-minute re-run of home games, available to view from 12 noon on the day after the game.

The Black Cats are one of 14 Football League clubs not to take up the option to use iFollow.