Sunderland-Man Utd: A Red Devil of a quiz

Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson
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Sunderland play at Manchester United on Saturday in another tough Premier League game.

Here are a few things or people you might associate with United ... but we’ve omitted vowels and added a few spaces.

See how many you can work out!

We’ll give the answers tomorrow if you can’t get them all!

1 mnchr ds str

2 lsv ngl

3 bck hm htb yfl yn gbt

4 knsp rw ns ndwc hbrgd

5 lwbs tn dc hrltn

6 thb sbybbs

7 frg ssq kyb mtm

8 btbn fc nth rpnc pfnl

9 ptdtfth fc p

10 lgnnrs lksj rslstg spwnnr