Sunderland have won just 33 out of 150 games – but I believe they can win five of next 12

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It was the most regulation of regulation victories for Everton last weekend. I’m so used to defeat now they tend to just wash over me, where the victories become more enjoyable as they become more fleeting.

The person I sit next to at the match always asks me “what do you reckon today, then?” before the start of every home game. The conclusion is nearly always the same – who knows?

Lee Cattermole

Lee Cattermole

To be honest, we should know. Although home form feels as though it has been slightly better, we’ve still only won three times at the Stadium of Light this season.

Next week, It will be four years since we started Wise Men Say. Somebody pointed out to us that since we began we’ve played 150 games spanning five seasons. We’ve won just 33.

Six of those victories have come against Newcastle and as we all know they aren’t here to help us during the run in.

Speaking of which, the run in doesn’t actually look too bad. It’s begins with Manchester City on Sunday and ends with a tough trip to Chelsea. Aside from that, we’ve only really got Manchester United and Arsenal to come who you could class as top teams.

The rest of the games are winnable.

I say winnable, we’ve only won five games all season and David Moyes stated this week we need to win five more to give ourselves a chance of staying up.

If we can only win five in 26, how likely is it that we can win five of our last 12? Hand on heart, it’s unlikely. However, for some perverse reason, I still believe that we can stay up.

I have to believe that we can win five of the next 12, at the very least. We always seem to find a way of winning games at this stage of the season.

It’s a scene so typically Sunderland.

With March looking pretty quiet, we could well be playing nine or 10 games in the last six weeks of the season.

If we can get a couple of wins against some of our relegation rivals and get a bit of momentum going, who knows what we can do?

We have to believe we can compete and I’m sure the vast majority will be letting their hearts rule their heads.

With Jan Kirchhoff on the way back to fitness and the first team hopefully, and Victor Anichebe and Lee Cattermole pencilled in for an April return, we might have our strongest squad available for the run in.

Barring more injuries, which let’s be honest seem likely given the pattern this season, I think we can give it a pretty good go.

So when I sit down at the Stadium of Light on Sunday afternoon and the bloke next to me asks “what do you reckon today, then?” I’ll draw the same conclusion – who knows?

For the sake of my sanity, I’m happy to continue letting my heart rule my head.