Sunderland have nothing to fear from Alan Pardew's Crystal Palace

Sunderland have nothing to fear at Palace
Sunderland have nothing to fear at Palace
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Sunderland play best when they do so without fear, so it bodes badly that they play a confident, physical, Crystal Palace on Monday.

Additionally, television viewers can prepare to be told ad infinitum of the “intimidating” mood at Selhurst Park from the “passionate” home supporters.

Palace have used an underdog mentality to great effect since their promotion in 2013, so much so that they are now very much the overdogs in fixtures like Monday’s.

Sunderland need a similar nothing-to-lose, nothing-to-fear approach, because while the Londoners are worthy of respect, they aren’t Manchester City either.

As for the “intimidating” atmosphere; this is created by fans who only actively support their club when it does well in the Premier League.

During their darker days in the Championship they would sometimes be lucky to scrape 12,000.

If it was possible to bottle that sort of passion – you still wouldn’t bother; so Sunderland fans need no lessons on support from Palace; or anyone.

Fear nothing and no one.

What’s the point of doing otherwise?