Sunderland fans have their say on who should replace Dick Advocaat

Dick Advocaat at Bournemouth
Dick Advocaat at Bournemouth
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Will Big Sam do the trick for us? Would Brendand Rodgers come here? And would he be good for Sunderland?

Who else would you like to see?

Sunderland fans have been having their say on a replacement for Dick Advocaat using our comments page:

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doppa: Allardyce as manager of Sunderland would be a total disaster. His connections with those across the River Tyne would lead to the same abuse given to Bruce and would also be deserved.

Allardyce would however change his mind should our illustrious owner offer a big enough salary.

NO ALLARDYCE - the tea lady would be a better choice.

WearMouth: I notice some commentators referring to Sam Alladyce as ‘mediocre’; one even says that ‘he did a mediocre job at West Ham’. What? How can you possibly say that? WHU were a championship team (just relegated) when he was appointed. What did he achieve? Well, he won promotion to the premiership in his first season - now that’s not bad. Anything else?

Oh yes, he finished 10th in the premiership in the first season back. If that is mediocre, we desperately need some mediocrity at safc. Actually his achievement was quite miraculous.

I doubt that there is another manager who could have done it, especially on such a limited budget.

Kl9: I’m ready to be shot at here when I propose the following two:

David Moyes: Did an exceptional job at Everton. Always in the top 8, several years in Europe, top coach, developed and improved many players. Managed on very tight and strict budgets. Went to Man U when everything was about to go wrong and did.

Brendan Rodgers: Another who did a remarkable job when at Swansea. Established that club into the top flight. Believes very strongly in youth and has successfully developed many at Swansea. I believe he has done a good job at Liverpool. Many of there players were ageing and losing form when he went there and he has also been unfortunate to loose the best goalscorer in the league.

A team very much in transition but I believe he is a very good loyal man.

oldmackem: I know that ever since Bob Stokoe we fans have had a “Messiah” complex which was reinforced as possible by Peter Reid. But that can only work if the Head Coach is a manager with Power and not just the Responsibility as at present.

I saw a video clip yesterday which showed DA ( a truly decent man) in the foreground looking like a broken man with Wes Brown laughing and joking on the subs bench behind. That really hurt. That will happen again even if we appointed an Ancellotti or Klopp UNLESS structural changes made to the way the club is run.

Mackem49: Sadly it’s not a case of who we want but who will want us?? Gary Neville has it right when he says the players are a “shower”!!

There is an element in the dressing room who have seen off 5 managers and until we get rid of them I can’t see any future for my beloved club

doxfordengines: Big Sam is the right man for Sunderland. Hope we get him and have a long term plan.Even if we go down stick with big sam....long term vision is the key....

Fans have also been having their say on who they’d like to see next on our Facebook page:

Trevor Kent: Sam for me, but not Dyche

Andrew Stuart Neil: Yes, Big Sam or Sean Dyche

Matty Smith: Sam looks like the best option. Rodgers definitely won’t come this early after losing his Liverpool job

David Richardson: I just don’t want someone nobody has heard of. How about Ronnie Pickering

Nathan Marcus Askew: Rodgers

Dorothy ClarkL No thanks we need a young coach with an experienced team to back up move the club forward

Ian Hunter: Everyone’s saying who we should’s going to be more a case of take who we can get. It’ll have to be a man who’ll come and have zero control over players now, he’ll have to make do with what players he’s been left with!

Colin Appleby: Partnership McCoist & Ball

Simon Parker: What manager in their right mind would take the Sunderland job? We may not have many applicants...

Mark Crute: I’m in the 25% that doesn’t

Bryan Gypsy: Finnigan Rodgers or Sean dyche

Ian Turnbull: Kevin Ball for me

Niall McEntee: Rogers won’t come and Dyche would cost us a fortune in throat lozenges