Sunderland fans give their reaction to reports of Chinese takeover

Reports suggest that Ellis Short has been sounding out Chinese consortia about a possible takeover of Sunderland AFC.
Reports suggest that Ellis Short has been sounding out Chinese consortia about a possible takeover of Sunderland AFC.
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Fans have been reacting to the news that Chinese consortia have been sounded out about a possible takeover of Sunderland AFC.

It was reported last night representatives of owner and chairman Ellis Short have spoken to different Far East firms, with Short valuing the club at around the £150million mark.

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Here's how fans have reacted to the news that the Black Cats' American owner may be considering selling up at the Stadium of Light.

Chris Sumby asked on Facebook: "Are they going to pay £150million, then wipe out the debt and then invest £50million on players?"

Tony Smith: "I have had a couple of holidays in Hong Kong. Each Saturday every Premier League game is available. Massive big following. Think it's all about the debt. Think Short has put £200million into Sunderland. If we had got that big spend right we would be in a sound position. Sounds like a watershed moment for SAFC."

Peter Burton: "Be careful what you wish for.... just look at Birmingham City."

Colin Appleby: "I smell another Fulham!"

Mark McHale: "People seem to forget Short had a hand in saving us, and if it wasn't for him we might have ended up like Leeds."

Gary McKinnon: "People can hammer Short, but he has put his hand in his pocket. There is something fundamentally wrong at Sunderland. Endless managers, changes of ownership, money spent and countless players. It will always be a struggle to get players to head north, but we should at least be not in an annual 'stress out'."

Shaun Stephenson: "Well I wish it didn't have to be this way, but if it's going to be a big boost to our club I'm in favour."

Rob Scott: "I wouldn't blame Mr Short for moving on - and hope he gets some of his investment back."

CrusaderPete commented on our website: "If Short was really thinking about selling he should have done it last May when survival was guaranteed. The slow start has cost him millions."

Samsonthecat said: "I think it's clear to most with SAFC at their hearts that it's time for a change. Whether it would be enough to halt the current decline is another matter, but it's obvious that the ship needs to be steadied, with a view to long overdue and better fortune in the future."

Bridge Boys added: "It's time ES headed for the hills. The club is at an incredibly low point. Maybe new owners with a new vision and a new plan might succeed. Who knows? It feels as if it can't get any worse, but a few seasons in the championship don't look too appetising."