Sunderland boss: Now move on

Gus Poyet
Gus Poyet
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GUS Poyet was hugely pleased with Sunderland’s derby win over Newcastle United but has already moved on to the next game – saying that one-off victories are no good to the Black Cats given their current plight.

The victory over the Magpies was Sunderland’s first in nine Premier League games this season and Poyet says it must be the start of a consistent run of picking up points.

“It has to be a turning point,” he insisted. “We could not wait forever for a win.

“I don’t know what Paolo Di Canio was thinking about the situation in the first five games or Kevin Ball in the two he was in charge, but there is a point where you have to start winning – you cannot go on forever with one point.

“Last year, I think QPR had four points from 12 or 13 games – and we know what happened there.

“We know how much money they spent in January too. But they were so far behind that it was impossible to recover.

“We needed a win now but beyond that, we need to get more wins, more draws – we have to keep picking up points regularly now.”

Poyet says that the best chance of Sunderland achieving that goal is for the players to utterly absorb the system and the style in which he wants them to play.

“It’s my personal opinion that to make it happen, you have to an idea of how you’re going to play.

“Everybody has to understand that idea and play the same way for 95 minutes.

“If two, three or four players don’t understand it, it’s going to be very difficult for the team to perform.

“If those two are in key positions – your strikers or in the middle of the park or your leaders – then you have a massive problem.

“So this is what we have to take care of.

“I know that every game is different and plenty of things happen during the week and during the game which change your decisions.

“But I would like to start having a more consistent team on the pitch – it’s up to the players to pick it up.”