Sunderland boss Bruce vows to fight on

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STEVE Bruce has vowed to fight on in his job, despite Sunderland fans turning on him in their droves on Saturday.

Wes Brown’s howler which handed a woeful Wigan side a last-gasp victory proved the final straw for the vast majority of wavering fans, who finally got off the fence and on to the manager’s back.

But Bruce says the anger from supporters only makes him more determined to deliver the success they crave.

“I’ve not considered my position at all,” he said, after being asked whether he had thought about stepping down.

“It’s disappointing to hear fans chanting against you, but I’m a resilient so-and-so.

“I’ve had stick all my life and always come through.

“There’s something in me which never gives up and I don’t intend to quit.

“As far as my future is concerned, that’s up to Ellis Short, but I’ve got no intention of walking away.

“It wasn’t lack of effort or endeavour, or that the team weren’t playing for the shirt, or they weren’t bothered, which cost us and I still think we’ve got a decent group of players.

“We are judged by results and, unfortunately, our results at the Stadium of Light haven’t been good enough this year.

“But, in terms of sticking at it and staying with it, I’m more determined than ever to see it through because I don’t think we are that far away.

“If I thought it would help to walk away then I would think about it.

“But I don’t think it would help.

“I’m still the same manager who got us only our third top-10 finish in 50 years. And I know that I and the players can still turn this situation around.”

Some of the chants against Bruce were deeply personal, others brought up his Tyneside roots, but despite his disappointment with that, the manager had sympathy with the suffering supporters.

“I can understand the crowd’s frustration,” he said. “I can’t help where I was born. I’ve got to live with that.

“But I appreciate it’s tough for them, too.

“We’ve had too many days like this when we should have won.

“There’s a repetitiveness about the whole thing and, understandably, it’s getting to the supporters.

“We keep creating chances, not taking them, and then starting to get edgy.

“For me, we battered Wigan, but, unfortunately, we got beat.

“So I have to accept that and take the criticism.”